5 Ways Women Use Mobile While Shopping

September 29, 2014
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By Shell Feis 

We all love our phones. On average, we glance at them over 150 times a day and utilize them for everything from looking up movie times to catching up with our moms.

Recently, there’s been an increase in mobile use while shopping among women, and for good reason. The entire shopping experience, from start to finish, can be made easier by mobile devices. Here are five of the main ways that women are using mobile while shopping:

1. Making Lists: Whether using a simple app like Notepad or something with more bells & whistles like Evernote, making a list on a mobile device is extremely efficient. Rather than trying to remember everything you need to buy when you’re headed to the store, you can keep a running list of everything as you think of it or run out of it. Since most women are never far from their phone, it’s perfect for eliminating all of those sticky notes with just one or two items scribbled on it.

2. Saving Money: Clipping coupons is an age-old way to save a few bucks, but many women simply don’t have time to cut them out, sort and organize them. Mobile coupons are a paperless way to save money, which means they save a lot of time (and trees).

3. Comparing Products: When making big or important purchases, we always want the best. Women often use their phones to look up reviews on products that appeal to them in-store. Some in-store price tags include a QR code that when scanned, brings you to the product’s page on the retailer’s website for quick access. There are also independent apps that can scan a barcode to compare prices between retailers in order to find better deals.

4. Checking Inventory: Many stores provide opportunities to look up a particular item and see which store near you has it in stock. This is helpful when a product is displayed somewhere unexpected or if the item is in fact sold out so you don’t waste precious time looking for it.

5. Getting Advice: Sometimes, an outfit appears to look better (or worse, for that matter) in the dressing room. Snapping a quick photo and texting it to a friend for their opinion is the adult version of hitting the mall with your girlfriends. It doesn’t just work with outfits- posting an electronic you’re eyeing or a home decor item you like on social networks and asking for opinions is becoming commonplace and is a terrific way to prevent buyer’s remorse.

How do you use your mobile device when shopping? Let us know in the comments below!


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