Choosing the Best Mobile Device for You

July 9, 2014
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Choosing the best mobile device for you can be complicated. Depending on the things you want to be able to achieve with your mobile device, can determine which device would work best for you. Consumer needs vary and with so many choices it’s good to know what you’re willing to compromise on. Here’s a list of things to consider when choosing the best mobile device for different people.

Mobile Devices for Parents

When researching mobile devices for families it’s important to consider what they expect from the device.

  • Will they be accessing social media apps? –Parents like to post statuses too!
  • Is being waterproof a plus? If you are a parent you know this all too well. Water & any electronics are in danger.
  • Does the megapixel capability of the camera important? Pictures anyone?
  • Mobile Device security. What is the availability of apps for security personal and online? Viruses anyone?

Mobile Devices for Teens

Teenagers are prime consumers for the latest and greatest mobile devices. Accessing social media, playing games and text messaging are huge proponents of mobile device teen use. Here’s a few other things to consider when shopping for your teen:

  • Data Usage –It might not be application related, but keeping a close eye on data usage is key when handing over a mobile device to your teen. Will the parent be able to monitor his/her activity?
  • Most of the mobile devices now are smart phones; but you can find some phones that are not. Handing a teen a smart phone will increase the charges unless you a family plan is used. Or you could have a very unhappy teen.
  • Parent accessibility.

Mobile Devices for New Users

If you can imagine, besides pre-teens and teens getting their first phone there are some adults who have held off on the phone trend as long as they can. There are new users of mobile devices at all ages. Here are a few of the things to consider for the older new user.

  • What will the phone’s main purpose be for? Some only use for emergencies or quick calls. They could benefit from a smaller data and minutes package for savings.
  • Simplicity- Unless you have stayed with the same brand, it will require you do some studying of the manual before you use your device for the first time.
  • How tech savvy is the user? An appropriate question for a new user.
  • What types of apps interest them? Andriod versus an Apple operating system could make all the difference. A good idea is to try out someone else’s phone. Get an idea of what you’ll have in your hands prior to.

When purchasing the mobile device that best fits your needs it’s best to pre-inform yourself before heading out to shop. One can become blinded by this new trick a phone can do only to purchase the wrong phone for you. Have a short list of phones you are considering and stick to your list. You wrote it out for a reason. Or make a trial visit. If you are a parent, you’ll want to consider what you feel most comfortable with your child having as well. You are not obligated to buy your first time out. A better informed consumer makes for an even better mobile device user.

Candy Olivares is the owner and Content Creator at Candypolooza.  She loves to write and share her family’s adventures as an active duty Army family. She has guest written on &, two influential Military Spouse websites. Candy is happily married to her hero of 13 years and follows him around the country with their two boys, a funny and smart first grader and a feisty and loving preschooler. Tweet her at @Candypo.




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