9 Ways to Make Yourself Appealing to Brands

July 29, 2014
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Blogging is a business for many and as the blogosphere expands and grows, standing out to brands is going to take a lot of work.  Here are a few things you can do to make yourself more appealing to brands and continue to make money blogging.

Be Positive

People don’t want to be around “negative nellies,” and no brand wants to work with a generally negative blogger or one that brand-bashes. If you work with a brand and an issue arises, take the high road and reach out to the brand privately. They will welcome your tactful feedback.

Create Unique Content

High-traffic blogs that seem to receive great opportunities create unique content for their posts.  They take everyday consumer products and show unique ways to use them.  These sponsored posts set them apart from other bloggers.

Go Above and Beyond

Don’t just watch a children’s movie and tell your reader what you thought.  Basic, boring reviews outnumber the population of China.  Stretch your creative mind and put a twist on your content.  Take the movie’s theme and create a craft, recipe, game or party. This will increase the value of your post.

Create a Comprehensive Bio

Who are you?

Where do you live?

Do you have kids or pets?

What are you passionate about?

What age group do you fall into?

Do you blog in other languages?

Tell your audience who you are so you can connect more with your readers and the brands searching for your influence can find you.

 Introduce Me to Your Family

Your blog is a gateway into you, your life and family.  Introducing me to your family, including your pets, and you have made me feel like a trusted friend..

You trust me, and I will trust you.

Embody Your Passion

Passion is contagious. A lack of passion is obvious. When you lack passion, I can tell.

Tell a Story

When a consumer searches the web, they need a solution to a problem.  They seek ways to incorporate a product into her life or her family’s life.  Brands value this these stories because you provide something they cannot…you are opening a window into your life.

 Be Picky

This pairs with passion.  If you don’t 100% get excited about working with a brand or creating a story around a product, politely decline the offer so that the brand can find true advocates.

Be Honest

My mama always told me honesty is the best policy, but that doesn’t mean that you should always tell tell the world how bad that complementary blueberry lotion smelled.  Instead, reach out to the brand and let them know you aren’t happy with the product.

Let them make things right and more often than not, they will want to do everything in their power to make you happy.  You are an influencer!


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