3 Ways For Brands To Syndicate

May 28, 2014
brand syndicate
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As online content creators, we’re accustomed to writing great content and knowing exactly how to syndicate it throughout social media channels. Believe it or not, there are a few brands out there that may not know the rules of syndication, or may not be taking full advantage of simple tips that will not only increase their community, but bring in more revenue.

1. Get visual

More and more companies are taking advantage of the visual aspects of social media. Whether it’s through a tumblr account, Instagram, or even a FB page, brands need to take better advantage of their customers appreciation for pretty pictures. One company that does this splendidly is Walmart. Not only do they feature pictures that pertain to current events and holidays, but they also feature pictures from their Walmart Moms. What a smart way to syndicate posts that reference their company and utilize their community.

2. Talk back

What is the point of having social media accounts if you aren’t going to be social? Bloggers and online freelancers live off of interaction not only in the comments of our posts, but on Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram. Brands can take full advantage of the conversations that happen on their social media channels by promoting special offers, highlighting their top fans, and humanizing their company. Human to human connection will always be the key to a strong community-based business.

3. Get exclusive

One of the smartest things that bloggers do is to have exclusivity within their social media channels. Pictures that are shared on Instagram may or may not be shared on a Facebook page or on a Twitter account. While it may seem smart to post the same material on all channels, customers and fans love to get specific information that can only be found on one outlet. This also gives brands, and bloggers, the chance to “tease” about special insider information that may be listed on a social media channel that the fan isn’t already following. Exclusivity helps to build up followers and gets customers talking about the brand with their family, friends and anyone online who will listen.

Bonus Tip – Syndicate other content

Yes, even brands should be syndicating content that may not belong to them. What an easy way to build a community than to feature other brands, bloggers or social influencers. Bloggers do this all the time, and we reap the benefits of introducing colleagues to our community, and having their communities discover our content. This can work just as well with brands and companies. Whether the companies are under the same public relations umbrella, or there’s just a genuine adoration, it’s important to feature content from others. Customers and fans will increase their trust in the brand, and will anticipate checking into their social channels multiple times a day just to see what new information is featured.


Bio: Amiyrah is the sole writer at 4 Hats and Frugal, where she shares resources about family, food, fashion and finance. She’s a mother, wife, Sergeant in the Air Force and current expert on living a frugal and fabulous life. A blogger since 2007, she’s created a community of like-minded and fun readers in her small corner of the internet.

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