Twitter’s Newest Update: Enhanced Profiles and Tools for Better Engagement

April 14, 2014
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The most utilized and prominent feature of is the timeline on your homepage. It consists of a stream of tweets, retweets, pictures and videos, supplying users with instantaneous news updates and information. This main, landing page houses most of the relevant information that Twitter is known for, and, from personal experience, the next most utilized feature is the Notifications page. Twitter is now attempting to change all of that and bring the “Me” page to the forefront. The company announced on its blog last Tuesday that they will be overhauling the look and feel of the personal profile page. The bio page is the only way to get a brief, personal description about the account and now Twitter is elevating it in the hopes that people can better utilize, visualize and engage with other users on the platform.

There are only a handful of changes, but there are major facelifts that will greatly alter the aesthetics and layout of the profile page. The enhanced header image now stretches the entire page and the profile avatar has also drastically increased in size. The bio text has been moved to the left column, while your account’s statistics—Tweets, photos/videos, followers, following—have been moved to a header directly under the banner image. Many websites and critics have noted how similar the new layout looks to another, prominent social media platform, Facebook.


That being said, Twitter has not only made improvements to the size of the web profile, it has also made enhancements to elements on the personal feed to spur engagement and conversation.

The Best Tweets feature highlights tweets posted that receive more engagement—replies, retweets and likes— will appear in a larger sized font relative to other tweets in your personal stream.

Users can also utilize a new Pinned Tweets tool in order to “pin” one of your own tweets of your choice to the top of the feed, which will help followers to see it and engage with it.

As an effortless way to sort through the over 400 Million tweets sent per day, users can use the  new Filtered Tweets feature to choose the timeline layout they want to view when reading another account’s tweets. Options include: Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies.


The First Lady Twitter Page

So far, reaction to this new layout has been mixed. One of the most common comments has been that it is way to familiar, since it is a pretty blatant copy of Facebook’s profile page layout. As of April 14th, a poll conducted by Mashable provided mixed feedback on the new design, with 700 replying “Yes” to liking the new layout and 571 replying “No”.

Twitter began rolling out the new layout and features on Tuesday, April 8th and all 241 Million users will have it by April 22nd.

In addition many celebrities and notable, verified accounts have gotten early access to the new layout. Additionally, all new users who register a new handle will have the new design.

To get a glimpse of the new profile layout, check out some of the following Twitter accounts:

Twitter – @Twitter
The First Lady – @FLOTUS
John Legend – @johnlegend
Kerry Washington – @kerrywashington
The Man – @KeepPassingOpen (Mashable’s Test Handle)


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