Social Fabric Member Tips: Time Saving Apps for Adults On-the-Go

March 7, 2014
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As Daylight Savings is approaching this weekend, it had me wondering about ways to save time in my life. I know there are apps out there that people use daily to make life easier, save time and are convenient while you’re on-the-go. I am constantly on-the-go with a full-time job, maintaining a blog, raising two kids, being a wife and finding time to socialize and do things for myself. I need these time saving apps so I can spend more time doing other things I enjoy. I asked some members of the Social Fabric community, and here are the ones that they suggested:

Cristi Comes from Motherhood Unadorned

As a mom, I’m always running around, but as a blogger I still very much need to stay connected. I seriously could not make it work without my smartphone apps, especially all of the social media apps. I like the Facebook Pages App a lot because it allows me to manage multiple business pages very easily. Another is the WordPress App. On the go, I can edit typos (ugh! hate finding those), moderate comments and when inspiration strikes, even write posts and upload photos.

Speaking of photos, I use apps constantly for quick and easy photo editing and creation.  Rhonna Designs, A Beautiful Mess, Camera+, Pic Collage and Photo Collage Free are some of my go-to apps. Also, for the family, we manage a lot of regular medication prescriptions, so I use the Walgreens App. It’s so simple to schedule refills, no phone calls required.

Stephanie Caruso from Mammamoiselle

When it comes to saving time and being more productive, there are two Apps I always rely upon. Clear is an easy-to-use list making app that has broken my paper & pen list addiction. It’s simple to use with a pull down and swipe interface. You can quickly add items to your list, categorize and even “cross” items off, which true list-makers, like me, need to do!

The second app I swear by is Around Me. This app allows your smartphone’s GPS to work for you. By searching in categories, name of store or business, you can find what is closest wherever you are at that moment. This app allows me to be more efficient with errands and when I’m not 100% familiar with my location. A must have on vacation, too!

These apps sound like some great ways to maintain my social media presence and blog while I’m on-the-go, as well as ways to edit photos at my fingertips, fill prescriptions at the touch of a button, organize my lists/notes, and find places quickly and easily. I know I will be checking them out to make my life easier. What apps have you found that save you time?

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