High End Production For a Low End Cost

March 19, 2014
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Written by Mike Abb

Every business large or small wants to get the best value they can when producing and purchasing media. Many times they talk themselves out of the media due to costs or perceived difficulties in the production process. There are many factors that can contribute to the lack of production, but the main culprits are access to equipment and technical expertise.  This blog is intended to debunk those as factors and turn them into excuses at best. 


Major shifts in production capabilities have happened over the last 5 years. The main catalyst has been the smart phone. With these devices now holding powerful computing chips, high mega pixel cameras, Internet access and a range of editing apps they are the perfect production machines.  It doesn’t stop at smartphones, the cost of DSLR cameras have dramatically decreased and with the added ability for these cameras to shoot HD video they have literally changed the production game.


There is a stigma out there that if you don’t have a Mac you don’t have the ability to produce high quality content. Well that simply isn’t true.  Windows operating systems from XP, 7, to the latest version have just as many capabilities built in.  Both Mac and PC have built in video & photo editing software, audio editing software, and music production software.There is no reason you have to buy professional grade software if you are just beginning to produce.You have plenty of built in options to get you started before making any additional purchases. 

FREE 99 

There are so many options for free software and apps for your home computer to your mobile phone. Check out this list of my favorite free apps and software. If you have any additional free ware you like let us know in the comments!

  1. Audacity: Windows & OSX audio recording & editing software. This software is perfect for recording anything from bands to voice-overs. I really love the ability to sample out room noise from your recordings!
  2. GIMP: Windows & OSX photo editing software.
    This software is a Photoshop equivalent giving you every feature you can imagine for your entire photo editing needs.
  3. MPEG StreamClip: Windows & OSX video conversion software. This is a great tool to edit, compress, and conform your video for professional delivery to clients and the web.
  4. PhotoShop Express App: IOS & Android photo editing software. This is an ideal app to do most any change to your smartphone photo. I primarily use it to increase exposure and add contrast.
  5. PicStich App: IOS & Android photo editing software. A great tool to combine multiple pictures into a montage. I use for event coverage and foodie adventures.
  6. FLIPAGRAM App: IOS & Android photo slideshow software. An easy slideshow creator that allows you to make videos set to fun music. Great for quick event coverage and cooking tutorials.
  7. Studio App: IOS & Android photo editing software. An easy to use app that allows you to add creative text to your pictures. Perfect for the final touch on a great image.



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