Google’s New Announcements During Social Media Week

March 4, 2014
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Article written by Jason Francis

Google’s Announces Changes to Mobile to Home App Syncing & New Gmail Action

You couldn’t have one of the biggest social media events of the year in the brightest city without Google making its presence felt. During Social Media Week in NYC, there was no shortage of news from the digital giant as Google continues to unify all aspects of our online experience. This included currently under development features for the common user and mobile app developers alike.

Google+ Product Management Director Seth Sternberg introduced a new term that all content creators need to become very familiar with. “Schema enhancement” is something that most of the crowd clearly was new to but was very glad to now be made aware of. Schemas are specialized html tags that digitally mark up specific content to increase search visibility. Basically in a field of sites, blogs, tweets and more, which are often talking about similar content schemas, are like holding up a “LOOK AT ME” sign above your head. The coding language of Schema is still being integrated with many new terms being added for special mark ups. Seth suggested visiting to learn more on the html implementation process and if needed help contact a consultant to see how schema can be properly applied to your site.

Genius Projects Labs

Schema is also being added to Gmail communication. When emailing between Gmail accounts you will be able to use schema to add action buttons to your messages for actions such RVSP confirmation, reviews and interactive flight info cards. Seth shared with us that study results show people are more inclined to click buttons directed towards action then they are to link out going links. You can see some of the available and still under development email actions at

For the app creators out there, Google is preparing a new wave of app integration especially within the Android field. Through G+ profile indexing the goal is for Google searches to directly suggest apps that correspond to your web search. There is also word that plans are underway for automatic mobile app downloading based on past online activity. Following up on that Google is planning for future apps to include mobile to desktop auto synch when signed into your account. What does that mean? Imagine being on your favorite app creating a list or filling a shopping cart. You could hypothetically hop on your computer at home go to the site you were just on via mobile and the progress is synched to you to continue and complete. All these features are presently in the works. App develops can take a look for more detail at the follow links and

With all this newly planned automation many found it intriguing but there were also questions as to how much of this would be within the user’s ability control. There is always the fine line being walked between technology simplifying our lives and becoming too intrusive. Seth calmed concerns by assuring us that all features would be up to the users to activate or shut off. The Google take over continues….

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