Apps Rule the World

February 6, 2014
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There is an app for everything these days. They truly do rule the world now. Want to pay for your drink at Starbucks? Use your app. Want to find out who is singing the song you’re listening to on the radio? Use your app. Need to pay a bill that’s due? Use your app. I know I have some essential apps that I use daily. Most of these include checking the weather, my bank account, taking and sharing photos, calculating my exercise, plugging in my food points, checking Facebook and of course the all needed Flashlight App which I seriously use all the time. Some apps I’ve downloaded to try and just don’t love them, so they eventually get deleted from my phone. I always love trying new ones though and learning about them. I decided to set out and ask some people in our community, Social Fabric, “What is the App they Cannot Live Without!” Here are a few cool responses I received:

Red Laser – If there ever was an application that should be in the default OS, it is this one.  Red Laser uses your phone’s camera to scan all types of barcodes and then uses that data to look up corresponding information online. One of the first apps to provide this utility and still the best-of-breed among the many copycats, you’ll find their software being licensed by many other apps that have a need to implement barcode scanning (such as store shopping apps, Amazon lookups, etc.). But what really makes this my go-to barcode app is what it does after it scans your image. If it is a UPC barcode it goes out and tries to find pricing comparisons at all the major shopping websites. If you’re scanning a QR code, it will read the data and allow you to open it in your default web browser. Lastly, it remembers your scanning history – great for shopping in-store and then finding it cheaper online later!  Available for iOS, Android and Windows phones and already downloaded over 27 million times!

Cozi– I have searched high and low looking for something that can help my family coordinate shopping. “Honey, we’re out of milk” doesn’t actually put it on the shopping list, but Cozi app does. I love that I can create different lists for different stores – one for online shopping, one for a grocery store, etc. Here is my favorite part – linked to the same account the app syncs between phones, so at any point of time you have up to date shopping list.

Evernote is a truly powerful app for moms who like to stay organized and keep their information in one place. This handy little app is so versatile and you can access it anywhere, anytime. With apps for iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, and iPad, you’ll never have to be without your important shopping list or information on your current room re-design or renovation. When you update information in Evernote on your iPhone, it automatically syncs on all your devices via the web. Personally, I have used Evernote to keep up with each child’s Christmas list, and utilized the checkbox feature to easily mark each item off my list; it’s a great recipe book, organized into meal courses or main ingredient; and, keep all those sweet pictures your little one brings home from school in a digital format. I create a calendar in a new note each month to track my blogging tasks {no more carrying around an unhandy spiral notebook} and I can snap photos right in the app to add to any note! And, the best part? It’s free! Sure, you can pay for a premium account, but I have all the storage I need with the basic account. Connect other apps to Evernote for an even more powerful experience.

MSecure It is a password management application and the one reason I haven’t lost my mind! I started using it around the time I began working in Social Media. It quickly became my one can’t-live-without application. Between a gazillion passwords that include capital letters, special characters, and inconsistent usernames, I was spending an embarrassing amount of time trying to recover my passwords. There is just no way to remember it all. MSecure became the external storage for my forgetful mind. I started using it as a database for all the important information in my life. I have all my credit card information, insurance policies, vehicle information, including VINs, device lock/unlock codes, membership information, and even passport data. All the information I always feared ever being lost is now safely recorded in my MSecure program. It works on desktops/laptops, tablets, and phones of Windows, Android and Apple. It has wireless sync capability, quick and easy backup, and an auto-destruct in case one my my devices is ever lost. I can set the amount of times the password can be put in incorrectly, before the program auto-destructs. I still have the info available on my other devices. It also allows user defined categories, types, and even the specific fields that are included in each type of file. The truth is, I’d give up my shoes, all of them, before I ever give up my MSecure application. I just love it!

I love hearing about new apps that can make life easier, keep you organized, and are just plain cool to use. You can guarantee I’ll take these bloggers suggestions to heart and check out these apps. What are the apps that you cannot live without? I would love to learn about some apps that you use in your daily life to make things just a little bit easier.


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