Curiously Compelling Creative Content: Part 1

January 30, 2014
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Copycats abound in the blogosphere. Creativity trumps them every time. Dig deep and dust off your creativity–the dynamic component of effective blog writing. Follow the lead of professional bloggers.

Of course, the writer must think of his/her audience and offer something of value for the reader on a continual basis. However, they also need to use their unique style of self-expression to set themselves apart. That is a tall order in this copycat world.

In this series of posts, I offer some remarkably easy approaches to step out of the ordinary and produce Curiously Creative Compelling Content . Your readers will love the fresh and fun way to interact with you and others and, hopefully, return for more.

  1. Giveaways and Contests. These are often in connection with a brand or brand campaign. I challenge you to think outside the normal box and find a way to engage your readers in an unusual competition…perhaps one for one of your products. Ask readers to create a 30 second video commercial for the brand or your e-book. Task them to write 50 words about why they read your blog. Have a contest to find your biggest fan. Make the prize one of note that people will talk about and share. They work because they increase traffic and brand awareness, and promote social engagement while creating links to your blog and the brand’s site.
  2. Podcast or Audio Post. You have something valuable to say or you would not be blogging. Once a month, read your blog post to your readers, or interview someone your readers would love to know about. You can post a player on your blog for them to listen. The easiest way I have found to do this is Blog Talk Radio. It’s free if your audio will be less than 30 minutes. It works because it strengthens your level of expertise and the relationship with your readers. It also adds another layer of connection between you and your readers. Your audience can download and listen in the car, at the gym or while jogging.
  3. Resources (Free or Paid). You probably have existing content that is useful or beneficial to your readers, which could be considered a resource. Create a resource tab on your navigation bar and become the go to place for your audience. Anything goes here: Printables, templates, kids activities, recipes, how-to posts, user guides, gift roundups, or decorating ideas. These work because they help expand your fan base, promote loyalty, add substance to your blog and raise awareness of your brand. Create a badge for your readers to display on their blogs or websites.

Stay tuned for next week’s post, Curiously Creative Compelling Content: Part 2.


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