Will Content Rule 2014? Interview with C.C Chapman

December 11, 2013
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Will Content Rule 2014?

I met C.C. Chapman years ago. He is one of those people you instantly bond with which is probably why he is renowned in social media and professional blogger circles. He knows how to build relationships. C.C. is CMO at YSN and a co-author of “Content Rules,” a book he wrote with Ann Handley, the CMO of Marketing Profs, I thought I’d ask him his opinion on the proliferation of content being created.

What do you think about the current state of content marketing?

I think it is exciting because the technology continues to empower anyone to create and share content to help themselves and their business.

That being said, I’m not seeing as much creativity as I would hope for. I keep seeing posts and videos created with the sole purpose of getting likes and shares. Sure, that is important, but where is the experimentation, the story telling and the creativity?

If I read one more “top 10…” or “what you could learn from…” type posts I’m going to scream.

Too many brands have taken a slacker approach to content marketing unfortunately.

Do you think brands will ever think like publishers like many pundits are saying they need to do?

Many of them are starting to come around, but the problem is what they are publishing isn’t all that creative.

Brands now know they can’t hide from content marketing. It is a must in this always connected from everywhere world we now live in.

They understand that they need to publish content on a regular basis, which is what thinking like a publisher is all about. Too few of them though are doing this strategically and that is why it is failing for them.

The amount of content on the web is growing exponentially every day. Is this a good or bad thing? What do you think will happen as a result?

It isn’t going to slow down. Stop worrying about that.

Remember when everyone first started setting up web pages and people were worried that no one would be able to find your site? We laugh at that thought now.

The good quality stuff will always rise to the top. Brands need to be constantly thinking about building a community around them and not being afraid to try out a new technology to stand out.

There’s a huge focus on leveraging brand ambassadors, influencers and advocates for authentic, real stories. Will this ever lose its halo?

When done right, this can be magical for a business. Far too often it is rushed or based on the latest ranking du jour and that is why it fails.

I’ve done a LOT of influencer marketing from both sides of the coin and I can tell you that it is not going to go away, but hopefully it is going to evolve to the point where it is a relationship that helps both parties rather than just the brand saying “share this!!!”

2014 will be an interesting year for content.

C.C. is right. There isn’t enough focus on quality content and creativity. Personally I believe that content that is creative and differentiating will distribute itself. It’s not enough to just create content; there needs to be a strategy, not just for the type of content but a channel strategy. For some brands it may not be about being on every social channel, a blog and the corporate website. But 2014 will be the year of content.



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