How Social Media is Making Holiday Shopping Easier

December 17, 2013
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It’s that time of year when everyone is busy. Everyone is busy trying to wrap up the million things they have going on – work, holiday travel plans and most importantly Holiday Shopping (you know, going through that list to make sure you’ve bought a present for everyone, or everyone who has been nice this past year.)

Sometimes you know exactly what to get everyone on that list, and sometimes you don’t have a clue. This year, I have turned to Social Media for gift ideas. Now more than ever, our favorite social networks are saturated with ads and promotions – while sometimes this is annoying, around the Holidays – take advantage and use it as a resource!

Let’s look into three {of my favorite} channels – Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook and I will explain how easy they make giving the perfect gift.


Pinterest is the place where you go to browse beautiful photos of food,  fashion, homes, etc. You dream of those photos entering your real life and while we repin to remember these things and plan to make them a part of our lives someday, the great thing is, around the holidays instead of focussing on what YOU want, pick a girl (or guy) on your list and go scope out their boards. Chances are you will find a great gift idea. What is the last thing you pinned? You would love to be surprised with that scarf, necklace, sweater or hot chocolate. For more information, click here.

Secret Boards: You can make a different secret board for three different recipients that you wish to shop for, or have one all inclusive holiday shopping board for all of the people you plan to buy gifts for- the idea is the same. Not only will this get your creative juices flowing and provide you with many ideas from Pinterest, where anything and everything is pinned, but if done in enough advance, you will most likely be able to order any item that you pin onto your boards with ease online.


The great thing about following brands on Instagram, is that brands get it – they are creating streams of content that resonate with me as a person and as a shopper. If you want a list of brands that are doing it right – check this out.

Brands do a great job of intermixing inspirational content with promotions for their products.  You automatically check Instagram daily (or hourly) and you constantly see the inspirational content from your sister’s favorite brand, boyfriend’s favorite football team or your mom’s favorite jeweler.  So when you spot a sale or promotion from that same brand, go find a product in your price range and check it off the list! Below are some examples if you need a heads up on what to look for.


While most are not fans of online ads, sometimes you have to wonder do FB ads know you better than you know yourself? Say you looked at Zappos last week hoping to find some gift ideas for someone special and a week later, isn’t it strange how there is a Zappos promotion in your stream for 30% off online orders? Take advantage! Go back and get the shoes your mom or daughter really wants!  Use that Facebook ad reminder as a little kick to get it done, make the purchase!

The great thing about using social media for Holiday shopping inspiration is that most of the time, they are a couple clicks away from a purchase and check mark off your list. Instead of becoming overwhelmed this holiday season and ignoring the flood of branded posts, let these social sites give you the ideas, deals and promotions you need to complete your Holiday shopping!


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