Quantity vs. Quality – Making Your Media Count

November 24, 2013
professional blogger
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Written by Mike Abb

Have you noticed that our current addiction to social media has turned the medium into a parade of sub-par media created on a whim rather than thoughtful communication and high quality content? I mean how many blurry shots of your mocha latte and cat laying awkwardly does the Internet really need? With cell phones quickly turning into another limb, our compulsive media production and syndication has effectively started watering down the product. Now, you’re lucky if you can scroll through your feed and find anything inspiring, educational, hilarious or beautiful. This is what we want to see when we look at the screen. Professional bloggers have quickly caught on to the importance of quality images, but many, many others have not. Quality media is something we have become accustomed to as we watch network programming, Hollywood productions and marketing images that label our products.

The novelty of having a cell phone with a camera and the ability to have something you wanted to say live permanently on the net should of worn off by now. You have seen plenty of examples of high quality posts and pictures to get the gist of what is engaging. We all post to get attention, that’s what it truly is all about. So, when you post low quality communications and images you rarely see the engagement and attention you were hoping for. Can you really blame the readers for not responding? Of course not, you yourself scroll right past the boring, the trivial, the blurry pictures constantly. This is what our networks have become saturated with, the bare minimum of effort.


Now I don’t think the masses will change their compulsive posting of anything and everything they do from what they ate, how much they dislike their job or how adorable they think their dog is. What I do hope to start seeing is everyone posting less and focusing instead on the quality of their post, similar to how professional bloggers post. Could you imagine if every post you made was thoroughly thought out and carefully crafted in order to make a true emotional impact, no matter what emotion you are trying to convey? What if every picture you took wasn’t the first take? You know how many pictures are taken when professional photographers shoot? The general rule is 10% of the shots you take you will use. Rarely is the first picture the “one.”  The same goes for your videos. Don’t spend all the time shooting to spend a fraction of the time editing. Careful consideration of the media you post is what separates the pack. If you want to be a leader in the social space, the more time you take to edit the more returns you will see.

I’ve compiled a short how-to-guide on making the most of each post. I hope you find it useful and if you have any additional tips please share them in the comments!

  • Limit posting to 3 times max a day – this includes event coverage  – if you have a lot to say then make a quality recap article and combine your photos with a program/app like pic collage. Don’t hijack peoples feeds!!!
  • Present a unique take on a situation. With everyone jumping on popular topics to give their two cents – take time to read what is already out there in terms of opinion and make your take different. If you don’t have a different viewpoint then sharing/retweeting a status or leaving a comment is the best bet.
  • Be clever! Quality writing is half the battle – you can have a pretty pic but if your tag line isn’t engaging and witty chances are you won’t get that “Like” your ego was looking for.
  • Make sure you tag appropriately – don’t include everyone you can think of when tagging your post. Instead target organizations or pages that you really think have a viewer base that would enjoy your content.
  • Try to use your hashtags in the context of the sentence. The more organic the insertion of the tag the better the sentence will read and overall will come across less spammy.  Here is an example: Loving the cool #arkansas weather today, it’s perfect for riding #mountainbikes.
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