What Do Brands Look For When Choosing Professional Bloggers?

October 14, 2013
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Written by Courtney Velasquez, Mel Lockcuff, Brandi Jeter and Holly Pavlika

Every professional blogger desires a relationship with the brand. Consider this: there are over 181+ million blogs in the world, so brands have lots of options. So what do brands look for? The answer is a lot.

 They want you to have broad social footprint and results.

• Do they not only have a great blog, but also a strong Pinterest/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook following with engagement?

• Do they belong to a “blog-network” which is often a plus for added engagement and spreading of content?

• Does the blogger have the ability to amplify the message socially?

• Do they have a solid base of traffic and page-views?

• What is the blogger’s Google page rank?

• What is their Klout score? Yes, many brands still look at this.

• What affiliations does the blogger have? Badges, associations, rankings, awards matter.

• Are they engaging on social media channels and not just sharing links? Engaging in comments on their blog? Providing a regular link, which shows they are involved in the blogging community?

• Does the blogger also contribute to other publisher’s sites?

• How connected is the blogger?

They need a clear understanding of who you are:

Many brands look for bloggers to have a specialty– something unique.

• Does the blogger have creative twists on the story or are they clever about the imagery they use?

• What does the blogger have to say about themselves. Brands want to see a clear description of who the blogger is, what they are passionate about (ie. Mom of 3 girls, artist, foodie, professional background)

• Does the blogger have a professional photo? It tells the brand the blogger is serious about building their personal brand and the brand’s. Often brands will want to showcase a blogger in their communications so they want to know what the person looks like they will be featuring.

• What is their writing style? Does the blogger have a positive attitude?  Brands shy away from bloggers that are controversial.
• Does the blogger have a professional bio? And provided numerous ways to get in contact?

• How long has the blogger been blogging?

• How old are the children? Is the blogger married? Single? Brands want background and context.

Brands want bloggers to have a well-designed site.

• How is the site organized?

• Is the site visually appealing? (professional looking, not cluttered, well-organized)

• Is the content varied and identified easily through tabs?

• How easy is it to navigate the site?

• Are all the social sharing functions there?

• Is there a place to subscribe to the blog?

• Does the blogger offer access to their media kit?

• Is the content properly SEO optimized? (provides links to other blogs/site and tags)

• Does the site include rich media elements? (pictures & videos)

 Brands want bloggers to have professional chops.

• Does the blogger write high–quality content?

• Are they creative in making sponsored posts relevant and real? Do they have storytelling capabilities?

• Does the blogger have the ability to really think outside the box when it comes to products and campaigns?

• Freshness counts. When was the last time the blogger posted and how often?

• What is the balance between sponsored content and other posts?

• Does the blogger have an About.me page? Or have LinkedIn profile? 

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