Let the Sharing Begin

October 21, 2013
shopper marketing
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Written by Mary Tarczynski

“Shared Media” describes paid, earned or owned vehicles that communicate retailer and manufacturer messages designed to drive short term sales and long term loyalty.  This is a part of the ongoing evolution in our industry from “co-marketing” to “customer marketing” to “shopper marketing.”  Alison Lewis, SVP Marketing for Coca-Cola, and Jocelyn Wong, CMO of Family Dollar, spoke to the importance of shared media and its role in the future of marketing during the keynote at the Path to Purchase Institute’s 2014 Shopper Marketing Expo conference in Chicago.

Social shopper media plays a key role in this shared media category.  A photo-rich blog post enables both retailer and brand messages to be communicated in a natural authentic manner.   Even a short tweet can incorporate both brand and retailer handles with the campaign hashtag and call to action.  User generated content takes any competing egos and ad agencies out of the equation and let’s the shoppers voice ring through.

This model works for Collective Bias advertisers – our highly qualified Social Fabric® Community Members are real shoppers first, social influencers second and paid advocates third.  When they apply for a “shoppertunity” they get a chance to demonstrate their passion for the retailer and brand and why they are excited about the opportunity to create sponsored content.

The retailer and brand messages are naturally woven together because they are part of the shopper and usage experience.  The longer form content allows for descriptive narrative and engaging photography to capture the shopper’s at home planning and in store decision making process as she interacts with displays and store personnel. The insights generated from each trip can be leveraged to optimize merchandising, targeting, promotions and messaging.

One example of this is the recent Candy Apple campaign for Smart & Final.  The “Smartie” community did a great job blending the quality produce and value offerings of the regional grocer with creative ways to use Nestle candy for this classic October treat.  Smart & Final gets a plug for great quality fall apples and values on candy – Nestle gets some new original recipes and usage occasions.  In fact one of the delicious recipe pictures got repinned 740 times in the first day!

Social is the perfect platform for shared shopper media.  Once the advocates are selected we just provide the guardrails so they can naturally tell their story – and let the sharing begin!


Check out the recipe for Butterfinger Apple Nachos from a Pumpkin and a Princess

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