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Online Content & Blog Marketing Creates Long-Term Value

Many times, marketers decide where to put marketing dollars based on what results they can immediately see.  5 million impressions from a Billboard?  10 million from TV?  8 million impressions from Twitter?  Traditional approaches try to reach the highest numbers and the broadest audience while hitting the most relevant demographic possible. But where’s the long-term value then? In blog marketing.

However, this approach ignores a very crucial feature of online content marketing – longevity.  Blog posts live as long as the site.  Awareness of a product or brand in an online community sparks conversations that live long after the paid promotion is over – a lift in conversation that keeps bringing back return on the investment for months afterward.

Blog Marketing Provides A Post Promo Bump

The graph above shows pre- and post-campaign conversation levels for three Collective Bias advertisers.  Conversation levels (average mentions per day) for all of them remained significantly higher in the months following the close of the campaign.

As a matter of fact, brand and product conversation was, on average, 40% higher in the 4 months following the campaign, when compared to the 4 months prior to the beginning of the campaign.

Implications for Long-Term Value

Unlike traditional media, online content is not only long-lasting, but also creates real value through ongoing conversation.  As the conversation evolves, each new tweet, Facebook update, or blog post creates a new point of exposure for potential customers.

The campaign, or ad, impressions, continue on much after the initial “buy” has been completed, creating ongoing value for the brand and its customers.