We are the leader in influencer-generated
content marketing.

awardsCB has run over 500+ campaigns for brands and retailers generating over 2 billion impressions in 2015 alone. Our influencers’ monthly blog reach is 80MM+, monthly social reach is 120MM+ and their content receives 1MM+ social engagements per month. Our campaigns influence natural search results to help drive measurable sales focused on category growth, new product launches, in-store demos and seasonal events.

Why choose Collective Bias over any other influencer marketing company?

Our state-of-the-art Shopper Social Media™ platform helps brands like yours pinpoint the right influencers by leveraging our proprietary data, technology and targeting capabilities. No one has the historical data we have from successful influencer campaigns.

Retail-Focused Campaigns

We can drive traffic and impact sales at a specific retailer, multiple retailers or drive overall awareness without a specific retail focus. The choice is yours.

Quality Influencers & Authentic Content

Our influencers are top-notch and the content they produce tells an authentic story so inspiring that they command over one million organic social engagements every month.

Depth of Measurement Capabilities

From Guaranteed Engagements™ and verified numbers to the length of time consumers spend with our influencers' content (over two minutes on average!), we measure what impacts your brand the most.

Social Fabric is our powerfully curated community of retail influencers.

The result of years of refinement. We’ve spent years curating and hand-selecting over 7,000+ influencers in our Social Fabric® community for their ability to tell authentic and creative stories with highly-engaged audiences. Need compelling long-form content creators? Fabulous YouTubers? Creative Instagrammers? Multi-cultural influencers? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Explore our influencers' content.