Collective Bias has a number of proprietary tools to collect, organize, distribute and analyze shopper content. Below is a list of technology we’ve built to help our clients understand their shopper better.


LUM is a location-based mobile application that shoppers use to document their path-to-purchase, create content around product usage and syndicate to their social networks.


It’s easy to identify your shopper, but do you know their level of influence? With Shopographics brands are able to gain highly targeted demographic and profile data on their shopper, allowing them to see the true influential power of a particular audience.

Subscribers receive access to the platform to easily identify their target group of shoppers within the larger Social Fabric community and can produce custom reports to share with their internal shopper marketing teams.

Influencers can be segmented by any or all profile fields. This includes all standard demographic data (location, age, household income, education level, etc.) as well as other incidental data points such as types of pets and interest categories.

Returned segments include social reach of the individuals and the group as a whole.  This figure also includes our proprietary measure of Extended Reach.

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