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Have a SoFab Mother’s Day!

I’ll never forget my first Mother’s Day! My daughter was 5 months old, so she was too young to make me something, but it was a terrific day filled with family fun that I won’t forget! As my daughter got older and two more daughters joined the family, I have gotten some beautiful hand made…

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Would You Rather Use a Network or Connect with a Community?

Influencer marketing companies abound. Some simply serve banner ads to blog sites while others allow you to rent a blogger or manage blogger content in a self-service model. According to Oxford Dictionaries, a community is “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” Run by influencers for…

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What Brings Shopping App-iness To Today’s Moms?

Smartphones are today’s personal assistant for people of every demographic, especially moms. With a to-do list miles long and minimal time to cross tasks off, moms are constantly on the search for phone apps that will save them time and money. To gain insight into which apps moms are consistently going to, Holly Pavlika polled…

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SoFab is Ready for Valentine’s Day!

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Our Social Fabric members sure are ready! They have been prepping and have ideas to share! Want to know what to bake or buy for your special loved one this holiday? Or maybe even for your special pet? Check out some of the great ideas our members have! Valentine’s…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Sponsored Blog Posts

Sponsored blog posts are one of the most popular ways for influential bloggers to make money. With popularity comes confusion over what is effective and engaging and what is not. Are stock photos sufficient for imagery purposes? Do you have to include a disclosure? The next time you have an opportunity to write a sponsored…

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Resourcing Local Bloggers

By TerriAnn van Gosliga Local businesses have known for ages how important word of mouth can be. Nowadays, word of mouth comes in the form of a tweet, a Facebook share, an Instagram photo, or even in an RSS feed. With the introduction of social media and online promotion, hyper-local sites are booming as thousands…

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DIY, Give It A Try!

Bloggers are by nature very creative. They can turn a curbside find into a stunning family heirloom. They can make dinner with three ingredients from the pantry at the last minute. In addition, our SoFab bloggers can conceive some surprising DIY home décor and fashion projects with the summer staple Kool-Aid. Social Fabric and Kool-Aid…

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