Our syndication team, known as cbSocially, provides turn-key conversational media management, monitoring and engagement for brand and retail clients.

cbSocially syndicates brand advocate content into category-specific social channels to receive an additional layer of impressions and reach. This graphic shows how all content syndicated goes back to the original advocate content.

The cbSocially team uses many different social channels to syndicate client and Collective Bias brand content.  Common channels include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+ and Uncram.  cbSocially is always exploring new and different social media channels to extend the reach. Currently, Collective Bias manages several category-specific sites that house relevant and engaging campaign content as well as original content from site authors.


We use the hashtag #cbias in order to track the reach of the content our Social Fabric bloggers and cbSocially team produce. The hashtag is also used by Social Fabric members for content support and re-syndication. We believe in teamwork and want to help promote our members as they help promote campaign content. Click here to read more about #cbias.


cbSocially manages over 30 channels that has a total reach of 10 million per month.


Followers will find category-specific content on each of the social channels. Content is a combination of campaign, Social Fabric member and Collective Bias branded content along with engagement meant to build relationships. Campaign-related content is paid by Collective Bias clients.

We strive to be transparent with our clients, bloggers, staff and consumers.   Any content or articles we promote will include the source and a link, if applicable.  Our Social Fabric bloggers uphold the Core Values of Collective Bias and abide by all FTC Disclosure Guidelines by including disclosures on all campaign-related content produced for Collective Bias. For more information read the Collective Bias Privacy Policy.

View a list of all of our sites and channels here.

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