Collective Bias manages a private community called Social Fabric. It’s a platform for micro-publishers (or bloggers) who are passionate about building relationships and telling stories. Collective Bias uses Social Fabric to gain shopper insights and to identify brand advocates to create content for client campaigns.

How does Social Fabric differ from any other blogger community?

Every Collective Bias (CB) media program for brands and retailers begins with Social Fabric, a community of more than 1,200 (and growing) members who are highly influential micro-publishers (or bloggers) with an aggregate, multi-channel reach of 40MM.

These micro-publishers are your shoppers and consumers. They are the brains behind some of our most successful campaigns – building, leading and managing them. Our community is different from most, because our members are highly involved in the campaign process. The content our bloggers produce is creative, engaging and compelling. Content is influential because it’s tied to an emotional connection that resonates with people.

How does it work?

Social Fabric contains over 200 interest groups. When initiating new programs for brand clients, CB activates members of the most appropriate groups. For example, a Halloween candy media program would start with the “I Love Candy” group. This allows CB to identify influencers who are already passionate about that category, brand or interest. CB then uses a rigorous process to vet the pool of advocates to identify the best for each campaign.

After identifying program participants, CB activates a dedicated Campaign Leader (CL), a Social Fabric member who has shown leadership qualities and has exceeded expectations serves as the blogger liaison, and a Project Manager (PM), a CB staffer who serves as the primary client contact. Both work together to ensure campaign objectives are met. The PM monitors conversation, tracks analytics throughout the campaign and provides weekly reports to the client. The CL very closely monitors participant’s posts and fields any questions that may arise.

During each program, CB activates its syndication engine, cbSocially, to extend the reach and awareness for program content past each participants 30,000 direct network. cbSocially manages category-specific social channels with an estimated monthly reach of 10MM. It syndicates program content through related channels to generate an additional layer of reach.


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