Our Process

Collective Bias® is a content marketing company that drives retail sales through the coordinated creation of social media stories. Through Social Fabric®, Collective Bias connects shoppers with the brands and retailers shoppers use in their daily lives to drive conversations on a wide variety of social media platforms. Their stories build consumer engagement and brand loyalty, ultimately leading to sales conversion.

Social Fabric® is a private and proprietary community of over 1,300 influencers with an aggregate, mutichannel reach of over 40MM that delivers daily engaged impressions across the social media universe. Brand Advocates within Social Fabric create content in a storytelling fashion, weaving their shopping experience and product usage into a creative, compelling and engaging story. They take their stories and share them across various social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

cbSocially, a services division of Collective Bias, takes the content generated by Social Fabric members and syndicates it through relevant media verticals in the social space. cbSocially’s monthly reach exceeds over 10MM.

With consumer-generated content and amplified online syndication, Collective Bias’ media programs produce significant results including Search Engine Optimization results that last, an increase in online share of voice compared to competitors and engaged impressions and reach that drive brand awareness, loyalty and ultimately sales conversion.

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