The Collective Bias Core Values provides our clients, employees and our Social Fabric® community with tools to succeed, grow, inspire and learn. These Core Values have been instilled within our culture and will continue to guide our relationship when working with clients, colleagues and Social Fabric community members. We believe that by living the Core Values below, our relationships will be stronger, more fun, honest, and longer lasting.

  1. Innovate, Evolve, And Create
  2. Be Transparent
  3. Be Fun Lovin’ and Happy
  4. Be Passionate
  5. Be Humble
  6. Be Frugal and Scrappy

Our Commitments


Our clients aren’t just clients. They are our friends, colleagues and partners. Our industry is very new and we understand it makes some a little nervous. We will follow very strict rules that protect our clients from any privacy or legal issues that could arise in the social media and the digital space.

Collective Bias is a member of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), an organization dedicated to advocating ethical and credible word of mouth. As a member, we follow the guidelines and standards set by WOMMA and the Federal Trade Commission, including:

In addition to the WOMMA standards, we stay abreast of any rules or regulations that may affect the integrity of our community members or clients, including Google’s No Follow Rules.

CB Team

We’re proud to have a team made of creative people who are passionate about this business and come from all types of backgrounds. At Collective Bias, we foster creativity, innovation and leadership. For example, brainstorms aren’t just for the account team – we pull in interns, community members and even the CFO. No matter if you’re an intern or part of the leadership team, each employee is a huge part of what makes our company successful.

We always strive to continue to foster creativity through professional development and team building. We work very hard, but have a lot of fun doing it. As we grow, we will continue to preserve our culture and will invest in our future by investing in our employees.

Social Fabric Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct

Social FabricCollective Bias is extremely proud to have world-class content producers in our Social Fabric community. We value each member and are grateful to work with such a creative bunch of shopper influencers who support each other and who we consider our friends and family. Our commitment to the Social Fabric community includes: providing opportunities that will help generate creative and quality content, build followers and readers and educate them on best practices when working with brands.
Our Social Fabric community is among the best in class in terms of social influencers across the web and try to adhere to strict guidelines to ensure content is reliable, honest and always creative.
  1. Disclosures – Members follow all FTC disclosure guidelines when completing posts for Collective Bias. Collective Bias provides training and monitoring to ensure bloggers fully understand these guidelines.
  2. No Stealing – We do not tolerate plagiarism or stealing of photos, videos or other content. Social Fabric members always give credit where credit is due always.
  3. Following Through – Social Fabric members fully execute the responsibilities set forth in campaign instructions in a timely manner. We understand that life happens, though. In this case, our members are fully transparent in communicating any concerns.
  4. Conflict of Interest – It is the blogger’s responsibility not to enter into a conflict of interest, meaning not accepting a campaign for a brand that is in direct competition with a brand they currently or recently worked with.
  5. Support Fellow Bloggers – Social Fabric members support other members by joining groups such as the Blogger Support group and the cbSocially group to share other members’ content.
  6. Grammar and Spelling – All Social Fabric members are their own editors and are responsible for their own grammar and spelling mistakes.
  7. Complaints – We realize that not everything or everyone is perfect, but we really strive to get there and to provide our members with great experiences. That said, we encourage our members to come to us for any concerns that may arise so we can address it in an appropriate manner.
  8. Respect and Tolerance – We are an open community. Everyone is held to a higher standard and shows respect to one another no matter race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
  9. Be Creative – All content produced by Social Fabric members are 100% original and we like to say the best of the best!

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