Increasing basket size through new usage occasions.

Everyone wants their product to stand out amongst competitors, especially in utilitarian categories. When we inspire consumers to use a product in more than one way, they need to buy more product, resulting in a sales increase. We have the ability to show product versatility through the use of influencers’ creative ideas and social content.

Campaign Details

Chobani led Kroger’s Smoothie Week initiative through a recipe-a-day guide that included activation along the path to purchase.

Campaign Goals

Use influencers to help amplify in-store activation before, during and after to drive awareness, traffic and create lasting content.

Total Media Value
Blog Page Engagements
Content Views
Total Impressions
of “what’s for dinner”
decisions come from
Source: Hartman Group
Recipes get 42% higher click throughs
Source: Pinerly

Smoothie Week


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