Today’s shoppers have smartphones in hand.

Four out of five consumers shop in-store with their phone in hand. They are searching for information to make their purchase decisions. The shoppers are drawn in by real-life situations and they use peer-to-peer feedback to make informed decisions. By starting their search they are on their way to making a purchase and it is important for your brand to be the first thing they find.

Campaign Details

Promote DPSG’s five “TEN” products by creating unique guilt-free inspirational ideas leading into the holiday at Kroger and its banners.

Campaign Goals

Increase awareness and repeat usage of the TEN products as well as drive traffic to digital coupons available through Kroger card.

Total Media Value
Blog Page Views
Social Engagements
of shares/favs on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest lead to a purchase
Source: VisionCritical
of Millennials have purchased items they have seen on Facebook
Source: DemandWare Survey
are more likely to purchase after a social media referral
Source: Hubspot

Drink TEN at Kroger


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