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How Influencers Can Incorporate Your Product Into a Holiday

It’s a common theme in every blogger’s inbox: product reviews to match fill-in-the-blank holiday. While bloggers appreciate the effort to link seasonal posts to reviews of your product, what they value even more is a creative relationship with a brand that allows them to personalize content for the maximum benefit of their audience.

Be Authentic

It’s a win for everyone, really. If a blogger is authentic with his or her audience, then there is likely a trust built up that includes recommended products. If an authentic blogger writes about your product in a way that fits the style and tone of the site, her readers are going to take notice. The blogger gets to stay principled about what they share, readers continue to feel like they’re getting honest information, and brands benefit from all of that.

Be Creative

So, what can you do with bloggers around the holidays? Simple, be creative. Sure, gift lists are great, but how can you incorporate your product deeper than that? With Valentine’s Day and Easter coming up, the obvious crafts, parties and sweet treat posts are always a winner.

Look for bloggers who would normally write about crafting with their kids or baking for a sweetheart. What about a fashion blogger? What is she wearing for Valentine’s Day date night or is she throwing a stag party with girlfriends? How about kids’ fashion? Everyone loves a little girl in an Easter bonnet and boys in their Sunday best. All bloggers can be very creative with how they incorporate products into posts; they don’t stop at just party décor and desserts. Some may even surprise you with a post that has a little product review twist.

Be Collaborative

The best way to have bloggers incorporate your product into holiday posts is to be creative and collaborative. Be open to a blogger’s take on how they can best roll your product into a post that fits with their voice and appeals to their audience. An authentic blogger is the best blogger, for everyone involved.

About the Author: Cristie Ritz-King has been blogging since her kids were small, which makes her a grandma in the blogging world. She’s had so many professional identities that “what do you do?” is her least favorite question. Currently, she works as a crisis counselor and writes about fashion, fun and finding yourself in a house full of teens and tweens at Reinvention Girl.

Power of Emotion: Reach Valentine’s Day Shoppers with Influencer Content

What started as a day dedicated to showing love for one another, Valentine’s Day has evolved into an extremely profitable day for retailers. A whopping $18.6 billion dollars in spending will be reached due to the holiday. Whether you’re for or against Valentine’s Day, it’s no doubt that retailers, florists, and chocolatiers alike benefit from the romance shared between two people on this holiday. Of that number, $1.6 billion will be spent on candy, $1.9 billion will be spent on flowers, and $4.4 billion will be spent on diamonds, gold and silver. Cha-ching!

Over 145 million units of cards are sold for Valentine’s Day every year. (add in some quirky saying about greeting cards) (cnn)

The tie between Valentine’s Day and consumer spending lies within the emotional connection marketing and advertising uses during this holiday. Advertising research reveals that “emotional response to an ad has far greater influence on a consumer’s reported intent to buy a product than the ad’s content”.

These days, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples; people also show their appreciation in the form of gifts for family members (59.4 percent), friends (21.7 percent), teachers (20.4 percent), and colleagues (12.1 percent). Source

This emotional technique is used by social influencers today to connect to their audience. A single mom’s budget-friendly recipes and resources may give relief to another single-mother reader, connecting this viewer emotionally to the content produced and resulting in a trust relationship between reader and influencer. From a marketing standpoint, this reality matters, because we know that one of the most important characteristics of emotion is it’s ability to push us to action. And for retailers, that means sales.

Our team of influencers in the Social Fabric community continue to expand the possibilities of how a product can be promoted through an emotional connection to their audience. We are continually inspired by their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, encouraging readers to get on board and have what they’re having. Check out some of our favorite Valentine’s Day posts from our social fabric team:

Julie from Julie is Coco and Cocoa shares how to make Cookie Mix Friendship Jars with M&Ms.

Sarah from Creative Ramblings shares how she used M&M’s to make a friendly candy jar for her neighbors.

Need a fun party idea for your kids and their friends? Tonya of Soiree-Event Design uses Snack Pack pudding cups to make a sweet Valentine’s pudding bar for her tweens.


Influencers today have voice that can connect emotionally to their readers, inspire a purchase, and impact the retail game in a whole new way. Whether it’s a themed party for your kids, a romantic date idea, or a new snack recipe, these social leaders have a unique ability to take a holiday and creatively spread it in a way that relates to any audience. They’ve shown us that Valentine’s Day buying isn’t just reserved for couples in love, but can expand to your friends, teachers, neighbors or kids. And let’s face it, whether you love Valentine’s day or not, with spending on this holiday reaching an average of $18.6 billion, it’s a holiday with results you just might end up falling in love with.

Written by Blake Reynolds, Collective Bias Graphic Design Intern

SoFab is Ready for Valentine’s Day!

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Our Social Fabric members sure are ready! They have been prepping and have ideas to share! Want to know what to bake or buy for your special loved one this holiday? Or maybe even for your special pet? Check out some of the great ideas our members have!

Valentine’s Recipes: 


Double Red Velvet Cake Bars from Julie is Coco and Cocoa


Cinnamon Roll Heart Kabobs from As The Bunny Hops


Red Velvet Bark from Love Me, Dani Marie

Valentine’s Party Time Inspiration:


“Craft Your Heart Out” Valentine’s Party Ideas from Play.Party.Pin.


Vintage Valentine Party Ideas by Gentri Lee

Gift Ideas for Loved Ones: 


Bigelow Tea Gift Basket from Adriana’s Best Recipes


Romantic Date Night Gift from The Adventures of J-Man and Miller Bug

Gifts For Your Pups:


DIY No Sew Dog Collar Bow from Our Holly Days


Dog Treat Bags from Living Better Together


Milkbone Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats from Kendall Rayburn

Whether celebrating with a significant other, throwing a Galentine’s Day party or just wanting a special treat for the furry baby in your life, there’s a unique idea here for everyone. Show your appreciation for the loved ones in your life by giving them something they can’t find on a store shelf. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Last Minute Ways to Use Social Media During The Day of Love

Valentine’s day is an old holiday that has been celebrated for centuries, it usually consists  of the traditional card, box of chocolates, jewelry, dinner or other romantic gesture.  Planning ahead is usually best, but what if you forgot to make that reservation to his/her favorite restaurant or the flower shop was wiped clean or it was too late to plan a delivery.  That’s when you need to think outside the box and figure out different ways you can declare your love in a pinch.  This, my friend, is where social media is your best friend.

Declare your love with a blog post.

As the saying goes, everything that goes on the internet lives forever and there’s no going back.  If you think about it, it’s more permanent than a tattoo.  Write a love letter to your Valentine and declare your love to the world!

Make your love a playlist on Spotify!

Remember those mix tapes you gave your boyfriend back in the day.  Make a playlist of all your favorite songs as a couple, songs that make you think of your mate or songs that bring back special memories.

Tweet terms of endearment

Use Twitter to send terms of endearment to your Valentine.  You could take a poem and tweet parts of it throughout the day or tweet out the things you love about your Valentine.

Make a video

Make your Valentine a fun, loving video and post it on YouTube.  You could make it with photos and music using Animoto, lip sync a silly love song, or come up with your own crazy idea.

Bake a sweet treat

Where is an excellent place to find recipes? PINTEREST.  Go to your Valentine’s Pinterest boards and find a delicious dessert she pinned.

How creative can you be this Valentine’s Day?