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Power of Emotion: Reach Valentine’s Day Shoppers with Influencer Content

What started as a day dedicated to showing love for one another, Valentine’s Day has evolved into an extremely profitable day for retailers. A whopping $18.6 billion dollars in spending will be reached due to the holiday. Whether you’re for or against Valentine’s Day, it’s no doubt that retailers, florists, and chocolatiers alike benefit from…

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SoFab is Ready for Valentine’s Day!

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Our Social Fabric members sure are ready! They have been prepping and have ideas to share! Want to know what to bake or buy for your special loved one this holiday? Or maybe even for your special pet? Check out some of the great ideas our members have! Valentine’s…

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Last Minute Ways to Use Social Media During The Day of Love

Valentine’s day is an old holiday that has been celebrated for centuries, it usually consists  of the traditional card, box of chocolates, jewelry, dinner or other romantic gesture.  Planning ahead is usually best, but what if you forgot to make that reservation to his/her favorite restaurant or the flower shop was wiped clean or it…

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