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Pinterest Image Pinner From Collective Bias

Written by Jay Thornton

As most of you have noticed, the dev team over at Collective Bias have been hard at work developing new technology to capture, syndicate, and analyze shopper behavior over the past few months. Our latest offering to that effort is our Pinterest Image Pinner for WordPress blogs.

The concept was simple. Create a plugin that allows each image (over a certain size) to be pinned simply to pinterest by anyone who visits the blog. Execution was fairly simple. Chris Whittle, our resident mad scientist, mixed up some jQuery magic that automatically appends Pinterest code to any images it finds. The result is a very simple to use plugin that does just what you want it to do… syndicate your posts and images to Pinterest.

All you’ve got to do to add the Pinterest Image Pinner from Collective Bias is download the plugin from WordPress, install the plugin and activate away. There are only a few settings that you’ll have to address:

  • JQuery selector for what images are, and are not to be pinned
  • Minimum width and height of image to be pinned

Basically, tell it what to do. Don’t want your author avatar to be pinned, set your minimum sizes to something larger than the size of the avatar or mark the div name of the avatar in the “JQuery selector for what images are not to be pinned.

So that’s about it. Visit WordPress and download away! To this point, we’ve already had about 125 downloads and only a couple of bugs. Should you have any bugs, post them at WordPress and we’ll take care of it as soon as possible. Also, we’d love to get some ratings so if you love the plugin, throw a few stars our way!

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