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High End Production For a Low End Cost

Written by Mike Abb Every business large or small wants to get the best value they can when producing and purchasing media. Many times they talk themselves out of the media due to costs or perceived difficulties in the production process. There are many factors that can contribute to the lack of production, but the…

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Social super bowl

Social Super Bowl: Who Really Won?

Today the Super Bowl seems to be known for one thing: the ads. The Super Bowl is now the Social Super Bowl. Sure, you have sports fans tuning in to watch the game but more than likely the 111.5 million viewers that tuned in Sunday night were not all Broncos or Seahawks fans. The 2014…

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Apps Rule the World

There is an app for everything these days. They truly do rule the world now. Want to pay for your drink at Starbucks? Use your app. Want to find out who is singing the song you’re listening to on the radio? Use your app. Need to pay a bill that’s due? Use your app. I…

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Curiously Compelling Creative Content: Part 1

Copycats abound in the blogosphere. Creativity trumps them every time. Dig deep and dust off your creativity–the dynamic component of effective blog writing. Follow the lead of professional bloggers. Of course, the writer must think of his/her audience and offer something of value for the reader on a continual basis. However, they also need to…

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Gotta See it to Believe it: User-Generated Video

Written by Mike Abb PROVE IT How often when people go to describe a story or item do they struggle to communicate the nuances and detail necessary to allow us to truly get what they are speaking about? Those people stammer and fidget and end up saying, “If I could only show you.” They’re right,…

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What’s your Social Resolution?

Every year people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, cook more, start working out, go to church and so on, but have you thought about making a New Year’s resolution based off of Social? A social resolution could mean a lot of different things: trying to grow your Twitter following, dedicating time to produce better…

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4 Dale Carnegie Principles Social Marketers Can Implement

Think about every interaction you had with people today.  How much of it was face-to-face, and how much of it was digital – via social media, email, text, etc.?  If the majority was digital, you’re not alone. I recently graduated from the 12-week long Dale Carnegie course, “Effective Communication and Human Relations”. My primary goal…

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Happy Holidays!

Tis the season for being social and holiday shopping–music to our ears.  But as we start to bring 2013 to a close, we find ourselves in a period of reflection– a time to sit back, reflect, unwind and spend some time with friends and loved ones. So before the holiday festivities start, we want to…

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Four Mistakes Brands Make When Creating Content

Today’s connected customer expects a personal and relevant experience regardless of where it is coming from. Through all the different advancements in technology it is no wonder customers are having high expectations from brands.  A positive brand experience starts with content delivered when and where the customer needs to access it (such as through blog…

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