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5 Tips for a Big Game Social Media Touchdown

This article by Collective Bias Co-Founder/CCO, Amy Callahan, originally appeared on Huffington Post. More than any other day of the year, marketers eagerly await for one – the Big Game. With last year’s Big Game drawing nearly 115 million viewers per minute, marketers should not be sitting on the sidelines during the game. When thinking…

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Forget Impressions: How Marketers Can Rethink Their Social Marketing Metrics

This article by Brad Lawless originally appeared on CMO. We all know that social media evolves more rapidly than any other channel. But the measurement of social media has failed to keep pace with the production of social media content. The impression, first deemed a meaningful metric, has proved insufficient in the measurement of social…

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5 Content Marketing Ideas to Increase Engagement blog banner v2

5 Content Marketing Ideas to Increase Engagement

Written by Erin Smith  A study by Microsoft determined that we now have an attention span of only eight seconds — less than a goldfish! What does this mean for your readers? Your marketing has to catch them quickly! The key to engaging readers of your blog is to make it extra easy for them…

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3 Apps for Planning Your Black Friday Expedition

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. You’re still full from multiple plates of casseroles and pies. You’ve been having dreams (or nightmares) of shopping crowds and checkout lines that seem never ending. But you can’t turn down a day of deals; you crave the clearance stickers and percentage off signs. You get up, get your most…

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How Does Social Media Affect The Adoption Process

Written by Blake Reynolds and Sharon Williams  Social media, with it’s many layers and webs of connection, has changed the game when it comes to keeping families updated, supported, and in-the-know. The bullet points of stale life-updates that have formally been relayed over the telephone, are now embellished and brought to life through sharing photos,…

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The Truth Behind Why Bloggers Blog

Written by Jo of Money. Swag. Book deals. TV shows. It’s undeniable that some bloggers have made it big. Really big. Take The Pioneer Woman, who has an empire including cookbooks and a television show, Tucker Max of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell fame, or Lisa Stone, the founder of BlogHer. It’s…

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The Rise of Emojis

Written by Charlotte Cahill After the recent debut of new Emojis on iOS 9.1, I was inspired to dive more into emojis and how they’ve become a universal form of language! Fill Me In: An emoji is an emotional intelligence platform in real time, helping to depict sentiment, using facial expressions. Even further, they have…

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Why Influencers Need a Boost from Paid Media

Written by Stacy Barr Have you ever paid a social media network to “boost” your posts? How about using a program such as Google Adwords? This type of media is known as paid media and if you have been thinking it is only for “bigger” bloggers and companies, you have been mistaken. Even the smallest…

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National Breast Cancer Foundation Releases New Early Detection App

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness of the disease. In 2015, doctors will diagnose an estimated 231,840 new cases of invasive breast cancer and 40,730 will die from the disease. If detected at an early stage, however, breast cancer can be much more effectively treated. Early detection results from…

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