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Influencers versus Inserts: Is Blog Marketing the Future?

Written by Ted Rubin The co-founder of Collective Bias, John Andrews, recently told Marketing Daily that there are changes in the wind regarding shopper and blog marketing and the last bastion of print media advertising to still be alive and kicking, the Free-Standing Insert (FSI) . It’s amazing to me the amount of money that’s still…

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Relationship Killers: Four of the WORST Social Media Mistakes Brands Make

The biggest goal for any brand delving into social media should be to develop quality, productive relationships. That’s the bottom line. However, many brands still “don’t get it,” and consistently make mistakes that are damaging to them in social media and therefore damaging to their brand. In my opinion, there are four big no-no’s that…

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Pinterest Image Pinner From Collective Bias

Written by Jay Thornton As most of you have noticed, the dev team over at Collective Bias have been hard at work developing new technology to capture, syndicate, and analyze shopper behavior over the past few months. Our latest offering to that effort is our Pinterest Image Pinner for WordPress blogs. The concept was simple.…

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20 Important Twitter Goals and Objectives for Business

Written by Ted Rubin Many are asking what ROI they can get from Twitter. I believe when reviewing the following goals and objectives you will get a better understanding of the potential value. The basis of this list was posted by my friend and business associate Cheryl Burgess. I have expanded and edited with my…

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Technology is Changing, but Don’t Panic—People are Still People!

Written by Ted Rubin Technology is always on the move—and we’ve made more technological advances in the last decade than any of us alive today have experienced in a generation. For instance, did you know that every 60 seconds, over 700 computers, 80 iPads, and 925 iPhones are sold today? Not to mention the monstrous…

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The “Real” Social Media Super Bowl

Written by Ted Rubin Many are now talking about Super Bowl XLVI being the first “Social” Super Bowl.  It truly was, as an event, due to efforts of the Super Bowl’s host committee and their use of a Social Media Command Center. In my opinion, the Super Bowl Social Media Center is proof that social media…

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Want Better Return on Social Relationship?… Start “Liking” Them!

Written by Ted Rubin Time and time again, I hear marketers cry the blues that they have a hard time making their social media efforts pay off.  “How can I create content that gets more engagement?” they ask. “I’m blogging, but nobody’s listening… I’m not getting any response to my tweets… Nobody’s ‘Liking’ my new…

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Marketing 101: Lessons Marketers Shouldn’t Forget

Written by Ted Rubin In watching the social media revolution unfold around us over the past several years, there’s a recurring theme that keeps popping up. I see it all the time in discussions on “best practices” and in forums and blogs where marketers lament the fact that you can’t measure ROI in social and…

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