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End of 2015 for Shopper Marketers

Written by Aly Howard and Rachel Majors Can you believe it? 2015 is three-fourths of the way through. We know, we’re just as shocked at the realization as you are. Going into the final months of the year marks a great time for reflecting on what has happened and preparing for what’s to come. We…

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What Marketers Need to Realize About Consumer Electronics Shoppers

Written by Jamie Smith  How many of us remember buying our first electronics? I sure do. Although at 14, I have to admit that my choice of boom box (yes it was called that) was more about price and how cool I thought it looked. As I matured, I knew to ask the sales clerk…

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Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

Over 30 million Pins throughout Pinterest recently became buyable. Now that consumers can purchase products within Pinterest, should retailers jump on the bandwagon? The highly addictive platform is often the first stop for consumers researching purchases. The convenience of tapping the blue ‘Buy It’ button marries the shopping and buying process, allowing browsers to buy…

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Back-to-School with Millennial Moms

For most parents, back-to-school time means pulling out wallets to purchase new backpacks, school supplies, clothes and more for their kids. In fact, back-to-school sales are expected to reach about $56.3 billion this year. Targeting parents during this “time” has become a more complicated process than ever before. As some parents start their shopping well…

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The Weekly Bias: Prime Shopping & Millennials

Written by Rachel Majors The weather is hot and so is this week’s social media news! Let us know what you think in the comments. Today Is A Prime Day to Shop On Amazon Amazon Prime Day, a global shopping event, is taking place online today, July 15. Amazon is offering Prime members “more deals…

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What Does The Phy-gital Shopper Want?

No doubt shopper marketing is now the golden girl of the marketing world with exponential growth last year and continuing well into 2015. Mobile, social, geolocation, technology and endless data will continue to rapidly transform shopper marketing. I started in shopper marketing a million years ago when it was called sales promotion and I don’t…

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Useful Brands Stay Relevant With Their Core Customers

Advertising messages inundate us in print, broadcast and online. According to a recent study by Razorfish, the average person experiences “5,000 brand messages a day and [most of us] don’t have the time or energy to care about most of them.” All these banners, jingles, newspaper inserts and videos blast their way into every conceivable…

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The Future Is Location-Based Content Marketing

There’s no doubt we are drowning in content. It fills our inboxes and a specific search can lead us all into an abyss of content as one piece leads to more and more interesting topics. And even if we escape, retargeting is at every turn, tempting us to fall down the content rabbit hole once…

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Get Creative With Your Millennial Grocery Shopper

Like most shopping methods, Millennials are moving away from the habits of their parents and opting for a wide range of choices when deciding where to buy groceries. Straying from traditional grocery chains, they are spending their dollars at specialty, club, mass retailer and convenience stores, according to Barkely. How then are marketers to reach…

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