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Building Customer Relationships with Blogger Outreach

Written by Ted Rubin There are some new buzzwords in marketing going around, everything from “Collaborative Marketing” to “Blogger Outreach” to “Relationship Marketing,” and even “Branded Content.” But what do those phrases really mean and how can today’s businesses take advantage of them to build customer relationships? Well, we all know that consumers are becoming…

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Blog Marketing: The Death of the Click

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on last week. Almost every day we have discussions with clients (brands and retailers) at Collective Bias about the best way to measure success in content  and blog marketing. Many ask us to have community members insert trackable links into their content so the client can measure some…

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Want More from Social? Empower Your Employees as Brand Advocates / Evangelists

Written by Ted Rubin Brands have it tough these days. Many are trying to make the “social leap,” but are still stuck in the traditional marketing thought process of “controlling the message.” It can be a bit hard to switch gears, especially when Madison Avenue still feeds us the same old lines; however, Madison Avenue…

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Suggestions for Crowdsourcing Content

Written by Ted Rubin   Every business needs content in order to be found in search, and to differentiate them from the competition. Without quality, helpful content (and lots of it), you’re lost in a school of fish that are all the same color. Who’s going to find you? Who’s going to pick you? The…

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Relationship Killers: Four of the WORST Social Media Mistakes Brands Make

The biggest goal for any brand delving into social media should be to develop quality, productive relationships. That’s the bottom line. However, many brands still “don’t get it,” and consistently make mistakes that are damaging to them in social media and therefore damaging to their brand. In my opinion, there are four big no-no’s that…

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Twitter Basics… In My Humble Opinion

Written by Ted Rubin   The mistake I see being made is trying to measure Social engagement with the same tools we measure every other digital touch point. In my view email, search, even banner ads, have spoiled marketers into thinking everything can be and must be measured with the metrics used to gauge success…

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20 Important Twitter Goals and Objectives for Business

Written by Ted Rubin Many are asking what ROI they can get from Twitter. I believe when reviewing the following goals and objectives you will get a better understanding of the potential value. The basis of this list was posted by my friend and business associate Cheryl Burgess. I have expanded and edited with my…

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Technology is Changing, but Don’t Panic—People are Still People!

Written by Ted Rubin Technology is always on the move—and we’ve made more technological advances in the last decade than any of us alive today have experienced in a generation. For instance, did you know that every 60 seconds, over 700 computers, 80 iPads, and 925 iPhones are sold today? Not to mention the monstrous…

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The “Real” Social Media Super Bowl

Written by Ted Rubin Many are now talking about Super Bowl XLVI being the first “Social” Super Bowl.  It truly was, as an event, due to efforts of the Super Bowl’s host committee and their use of a Social Media Command Center. In my opinion, the Super Bowl Social Media Center is proof that social media…

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