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Content Marketing World 2015: Day One Reflections

In Cleveland for less that 24 hours for the 2015 Content Marketing World Conference, I’ve already learned the following: This is a big industry.  I joined over 3,500 attendees in the massive Cleveland Convention Center for this morning’s keynote. After 6 years at Collective Bias, my daily view of the content marketing world looks a…

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Tapping the Influence of Latinos to Get ‘Mas’

Food from other countries is new and exciting; an abundance of flavors we’ve never tasted before await us. We have curious palates. America has become the home of several cultures and their foods over the years. People of all different cultures are now shopping in the “ethnic aisle” at grocery stores. Interest in Mexican and…

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Reach Moms Through Storytelling and Podcasts

Podcasts are growing in popularity in the United States, especially among moms. They have more things to do in less time while staying connected with the world. Serial, a growing podcast, has successfully created space for women to enter the social conversation and  create content. Podcasts are giving moms the availability to do it all…

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Marketing to the Male Consumer in 2015

Written by Jason Francis As businesses continue to open up to the value of the single male’s dollars, it creates the need for new ways to engage men beyond the usual ways we would be presented material. I’ve always been a fan of showcasing how a brand works within the life of the consumer. The…

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Marketing to Single Men

Are You Marketing to Single Men Properly?

Written by Jason Francis You Leave A Lot of Money on the Floor By Not Marketing to Single Young Men For years we’ve been told that the focus of marketing needs to solely geared towards women. They are viewed as the decision makers when it comes to the family shopping and, generally speaking, the average woman…

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Marketing to Dads

Dads are Getting Schooled

There were more than 2 million stay-at-home dads in the US in 2012. With more dads participating in more school activities, the traditional, “mom exclusive,” messaging for back-to-school advertising just doesn’t cut it anymore. Brands need to craft a message that influences the entire family, in a “We’re in this together” style. But how? Holly…

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Targeting Latinos

Where to Focus Your Marketing Efforts When Targeting Hispanics

Written by Natalia Carter I still remember my first marketing class when I had to organize a business strategy. The most important page was where we have to define the target, as it is the key to designing all the sales tactics. This has not changed. But considering that my classes were taken in Colombia, there…

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marketing to moms

The 10 Commandments of Marketing to Moms

The power of today’s social media-connected moms is never going to go away. If anything it will continue to grow. According to a study by comScore and BabyCenter, more than 90% of moms use social media regularly and of course, those are moms with children under the age of 18. Last Year, eMarketer estimated this…

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blog marketing

Grab a Hand and Jump into The Era of Blog Marketing

Written by Mary Tarczynski A couple of weeks ago, I had the good fortune of participating in the first annual Hub Brand Experience Symposium in New York City.  I was amazed at how many great brands now incorporate customer-generated content and blog marketing into their marketing plans, all in ways very unique to their brand.…

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