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SoFab is Ready for Valentine’s Day!

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Our Social Fabric members sure are ready! They have been prepping and have ideas to share! Want to know what to bake or buy for your special loved one this holiday? Or maybe even for your special pet? Check out some of the great ideas our members have! Valentine’s…

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The Future Is Location-Based Content Marketing

There’s no doubt we are drowning in content. It fills our inboxes and a specific search can lead us all into an abyss of content as one piece leads to more and more interesting topics. And even if we escape, retargeting is at every turn, tempting us to fall down the content rabbit hole once…

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Working with Non-Mommy Bloggers

Written by Amy Fulcher While many mothers started their blogging careers by simply keeping an online diary, their influence could not be ignored. Brands came calling. Professional personal blogging became a legitimate career and a new boom of work for home career women was created. According to Girlpower Marketing, 52% of all women online are…

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The Auto Industry’s Missed Opportunity: Female Consumers

Holly Pavlika, SVP Strategy at Collective Bias, takes on the auto industry in her interview with Jody Devere, an automotive expert and the Patty of “Ask Patty.”  Seventy-five percent of moms believe they are the sole decision maker when it comes to automotive purchases, so it’s clearly important for car makers to take steps toward…

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Can Target Make A Comeback?

Once the go-to big box retailer for “cheap chic” suburbanites across the U.S., Target’s much-publicized security breach last December resulted in personal information being stolen from nearly 110 million customers, a 46 percent quarter profit loss and a severely damaged brand image. As the anniversary of the data breach comes about, Target is pulling out…

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‘Tis The Season For Gift Giving

There are 61 days during the November/December holiday shopping period. That’s 61 days full of coupon overload, longer store hours, and discount madness. All in order to make sure that Mom has time to pick out the sweater for Uncle Mark, toy sailboat for Little Jim and the Frozen doll for Sara. When you’ve got…

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5 Ways Women Use Mobile While Shopping

By Shell Feis  We all love our phones. On average, we glance at them over 150 times a day and utilize them for everything from looking up movie times to catching up with our moms. Recently, there’s been an increase in mobile use while shopping among women, and for good reason. The entire shopping experience,…

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The Social Side of Football Season

Fall means one thing, football season. Both the college and professional football leagues are now in full swing, enveloping football fanatics across the country. But watching your favorite football teams on Saturdays and Sundays no longer consists of attending the game at the stadium or sitting in front of a television. The rise in social…

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5 Reasons A Professional Blogger Should Attend Social Media Conferences

by, Kristin Wheeler I just returned from BlogHer 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. While this was my first BlogHer and first large social media conference, I attended the more community-oriented SoFabCon and the more intimate Bloggy Boot Camp. Despite the differences between the conferences, I noticed commonalities that I believe represent reasons you should consider attending…

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