Why Influencers Need a Boost from Paid Media

Written by Stacy Barr Have you ever paid a social media network to “boost” your posts? How about using a program such as Google Adwords? This type of media is known as paid media and if you have been thinking it is only for “bigger” bloggers and companies, you have been mistaken. Even the smallest…

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Pets and Halloween: Treats, Costumes and Phobias

Written by Sharon Williams  Halloween has traditionally been a people­ holiday, with candies and costumes being intended for the children and adults in the household. But in recent years, pet owners have come on board and created a market for pet themed costumes and dog-friendly treats. An article in Time says that Americans will spend…

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3 Things Marketers Don’t Think About Regarding Influencer Marketing

Written by Stacy Barr In business there are two types of companies. The first could be described as the company who recognizes when they have a golden opportunity in front of them, takes advantage of that opportunity and watches not only their profits soar, but their reputation as a company grow as well. The second…

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Cereal Doesn’t Always Live in A Bowl

Eating cereal conjures images of a spoon and bowl. At least that’s what pops into my head when I here the word, but cereal can make so many other far-from-mundane edible items that will surely put a smile on any child’s face! Between 3% and 6% of kids spend 20 hours a week or more…

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What Marketers Need to Realize About Consumer Electronics Shoppers

Written by Jamie Smith  How many of us remember buying our first electronics? I sure do. Although at 14, I have to admit that my choice of boom box (yes it was called that) was more about price and how cool I thought it looked. As I matured, I knew to ask the sales clerk…

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How Website Usability Improves Search Rankings

  Website usability is considered a top ranking factor with most major search engines, but it goes much deeper than that. Here, we’ll scratch the surface of website usability and why it’s important for your search engine ranking results. A visitor’s experience is the most important factor. The actions the user takes will tell search…

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Weekly Bias: Apple vs. Facebook

As the world turns, so does the battle between Facebook and Apple for ad business and beacons for businesses. Here’s what’s going on in the land of social media this week. Let us know in the comments what has caught your eye this week. Apple’s news app takes aim at Facebook Iphone users: do you…

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Best Practices for Working with Mom Influencers

Marketers are finally catching wind that influencers are key to any brand strategy involving wanting to bring in new audiences. Many influencers, namely mom influencers, have more highly-engaged audiences than many top brands. With this massive rise in influencer marketing, comes a need for best practices. These influencers have built up their impressive audiences because…

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Is Video Essential for Growing Social Media Influence?

According to a recent eMarketer article, adults in the US spent 5 hours and 31 minutes each day watching video this year. Clearly it’s time to include video in your content plan. People consume two types of video online, short form and long form. According to Google, short form video means less than 10 minutes…

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