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Forget Impressions: How Marketers Can Rethink Their Social Marketing Metrics

This article by Brad Lawless originally appeared on CMO. We all know that social media evolves more rapidly than any other channel. But the measurement of social media has failed to keep pace with the production of social media content. The impression, first deemed a meaningful metric, has proved insufficient in the measurement of social…

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Millennials Reign Supreme Over Store Aisles

Millennials have been the talk of the marketing world for years now, thanks to their $1 trillion in spending power, according to Boston Consulting Group. They are an entirely unique demographic, particularly when it comes to their shopping wants and needs. According to an article by AdWeek, Millennials: *value a richer shopping experience *turn to…

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Influencers vs. Ambassadors vs. Advocates: Stop the Confusion!

This article by Bill Sussman, Collective Bias SVP CEO, originally appeared on Entrepreneur. Brand influencers, ambassadors and advocates are everywhere these days. Think of bloggers, social media mavens and celebrities active in both of those two activities. Apparently these efforts work: A recent study by Schlesinger Associates showed that 81 percent of companies that had…

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5 Tips for Running Your First Influencer Marketing Campaign

This article by Holly Pavlika, Collective Bias SVP of Marketing and Content, originally appeared on Mashable. The rise of social media has given consumers more power than ever before, arming them with a platform where they can engage brands in real time. This has created a shift in marketing. While traditional tactics involved pushing out…

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3 Influencer Marketing Predictions for 2016

This article by Collective Bias Co-Founder/CCO Amy Callahan originially appeared on Huffington Post. Influencer marketing: the phrase heard ’round the world in 2015 when it came to marketing industry buzz. With 65 percent of marketers participating in the influencer marketing space, it’s no longer the new kid on the block looking to prove itself. Consumer-crafted…

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Keep Readers’ Trust While Working With Brands

Written by Patricia A. Patton Influencers who work with brands are primarily charged with helping said brands build trust with consumers. To do that effectively, they must understand who their readers are. Just one negative interaction between the brand and reader can cause the reader to feel they are just a number or a way…

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Welcome to the Sharing and Influence Economy

There is no doubt there has been tremendous growth in our connectivity. “Digital influence-that is, the degree to which in-store sales are influenced by digital at some point in the shopping journey–is growing at an increasing pace. We are fast approaching a day when we can assume 100 percent of shoppers will be connected 100…

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5 Tips for Bloggers Working With Brands

Written by Kait Hanson Whether you use your blog to make a steady income or just a little side cash, working with brands is one of the best ways to do it. Getting started can be completely intimidating – how to pitch, implement your campaign and deliver results – it can seem insurmountable no matter…

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7 Ways to Repurpose Old Content

Written by Stephanie Glover If you have been blogging for awhile, you can start to feel like you are writing the same thing over and over again, especially during the holidays. But why reinvent the wheel? If you already have the content, save yourself some time and reuse it! Why? Readers come and go often.…

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