The Weekly Bias: SEO & Influencer Marketing

December 3, 2016

Kirsten Thompson

Sr. Content Creator
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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, (or sometimes lovingly referred to as “Google Juice”), is how your brand or website gets found on the internet. Search engines crawl every page of the internet searching for keywords in various forms, and assigns each page a ranking. So what does SEO have to do with influencer marketing? A lot, and we’re breaking it down in this week’s Weekly Bias.

Know & Follow the SEO Rules

Just like social media, the world of SEO is ever-evolving. Forbes recently released an article breaking down 8 rules for SEO in 2017. One of the common misconceptions surrounding SEO is that you can simply fill your website with keywords and Google will put you on the first page of search. However, as this Forbes article shares, Google looks at a lot more than just keywords. The age of your site plays a significant role in your ranking, with Google learning to “trust” your content over time. To learn more about these rules and how they affect your page rank, read the full article on Forbes.

Expand Backlink Catalog with Influencer Content

Backlinks are links from other sites to your own, and influencer content will drastically increase your backlink count, thereby increasing the authority you have on a particular subject in the eyes of Google search bots. If those backlinks are coming from high-value content, or, even better, video, you will see increased site traffic and, as a result, Google will begin to trust you. Read more in this article by Entrepreneur.

Paid Content Eventually Leads to Organic Influence

Mastering the SEO game takes time, but the payoff is huge. When brands work with influencers, the brand’s website receives backlinks in the paid content, as we just talked about. As the number of high-quality backlinks that point back to the brand’s website increase, the brand’s page ranking continues to slowly rise in search. Over time, that brand will begin to show up on the first page of Google search for specific keywords, and BAM! Organic influence! Read more about how influencer marketing can improve your SEO in this article by SiteProNews.

Remember To Use Email Marketing

While an email sent to your list in and of itself won’t improve your SEO, the clicked links in the emails you send will improve organic traffic. Coupled with influencer marketing campaigns, brands can share high-quality influencer content with their email list, and improve both paid and organic traffic. Email allows you to reach your target audience in a very personal way, and can improve engagement on your site by sending more readers to your site and encouraging them to stick around longer (lowering your bounce rates, which also improves your SEO ranking). Read more about email marketing and SEO in this article by Forbes.


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Kirsten Thompson

Sr. Content Creator

Kirsten Thompson has been blogging since 2010, sharing her passion for home decor, organization, and crafts with her ever-growing audience. Her blog has become her business, Sweet Tea LLC. She educates bloggers on the power of email marketing & blog strategy through webinars, digital products and coaching.