White Paper: Social Engagement and its Impact on a Buyer’s Purchases

September 22, 2014
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With an enduring omnipresence, social media is no longer considered a passing fad: companies big and small have learned the value of running social accounts to reach today’s customer. Companies that avoided being too channel-focused, and instead developed a story that customers could buy-into and trust, have reaped many qualitative results such as larger social engagement and more followers. However, the million-dollar question remains: what is the measurability of social media, particularly in terms of driving sales?

Collective Bias and customer analytics company YetiData partnered to answer this question in their new white paper, “Social Engagement and its Impact on a Buyer’s Purchases”.

The study was conducted by analyzing the purchasing patterns of a major regional grocery chain’s loyalty card members before and after they became socially engaged with the brand. The result? Data showed there is a direct link between social media engagement and bottom-line revenue, validating the essential role social plays in a customer’s path to purchase and a company’s marketing mix.

To learn more about social engagement’s direct link to increased sales and the quantified future of social media, please fill out the information below.  You will then receive the white paper in an email.


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