‘Tis the Season for Shopper Social Media

Don’t be a Scrooge this year – the marketing heroes of the holiday season this year will be the ones with social campaigns in place well before December rolls around. In fact, by November, 83% of Twitter users will have made their first holiday purchase. From wish list ideas to planning for family gatherings, consumers…

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Viral or Evergreen Content?

Personally, I don’t like the “V” word, Viral. Whenever a client uttered the words, “We want something that will go viral,” I would cringe. There is plenty of thought on what makes a piece of content go viral, but truth be told, very little goes viral. Jeff Bullas recently wrote a post about a post…

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Digital and Social Media May Really Be Killing the Print Industry

Recently, someone knocked on my door around 7:30 at night. Living in a neighborhood more polite than friendly, I assumed the knock came from either a marketer or an evangelist. I found a representative from the local newspaper. A former journalism major, I used to read the newspaper religiously and subscribed to multiple magazines for…

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Marketing to Single Men

Are You Marketing to Single Men Properly?

Written by Jason Francis You Leave A Lot of Money on the Floor By Not Marketing to Single Young Men For years we’ve been told that the focus of marketing needs to solely geared towards women. They are viewed as the decision makers when it comes to the family shopping and, generally speaking, the average woman…

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Misery Loves Company: Engaging Readers Through Story

Written by Tim Wells You’ve just landed your first paid blog post gig. Congratulations! It’s a pretty awesome feeling to know that somebody is willing to pay you to write about their product. Now comes the hard part. Not only do you have to write that post, making sure to dot the i’s and cross…

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mothers100714 (2)

Mommy Bloggers aren’t receiving enough credit

Magazines and Newspaper Articles are Higher Quality Than the Average Mommy Blog So stated a recent study by Chartbeat. Chartbeat conducted a survey of 542 Internet users between the ages of 18-65 showing sponsored content has a trust issue. I would have liked to see the examples that were given for the content. Well, in…

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CB on Content, Success and Social Trends During Purse Strings Interview

Recently,  Collective Bias employees Lindsey Hodous, Senior Business Development Manager, and Brad Lawless, SVP Strategy touch on the importance of creating compelling content, measuring success and upcoming social trends on Purse Strings Webmaster Radio. Interviewed by Maria Reitan, Lola Red PR’s President and Chief Strategy Officer, here are their thoughts. Companies want compelling content in…

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With Facebook traveling further down the path of enforcing real names and identities, and their increasing appetite to sell more and more of your personal information, startups are attempting to replicate the success of the top social networks, while promising more anonymity.  Ello is the latest Social Network to enter the scene, promising a simple…

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Marketing to Dads

Dads are Getting Schooled

There were more than 2 million stay-at-home dads in the US in 2012. With more dads participating in more school activities, the traditional, “mom exclusive,” messaging for back-to-school advertising just doesn’t cut it anymore. Brands need to craft a message that influences the entire family, in a “We’re in this together” style. But how? Holly…

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5 Ways Women Use Mobile While Shopping

By Shell Feis  We all love our phones. On average, we glance at them over 150 times a day and utilize them for everything from looking up movie times to catching up with our moms. Recently, there’s been an increase in mobile use while shopping among women, and for good reason. The entire shopping experience,…

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