DIY Halloween Makeup Tutorials That Will Leave You Spellbound

Everyone, adults included, loves to play make-believe on Halloween. Getting the right look for your character means finding the right costume and convincing makeup to pull it off. Pinterest has become a reliable resource for 11.4% of Americans (up from 2.3%) to get costume inspiration.   “Social media is a great tool for consumers to…

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3 Reasons You Need to Let Influencers Be Creative

Written by Julie Sancken It’s no surprise how quickly and how easily we can be influenced these days. We see commercials featuring our favorite actors/actresses, ads for beauty regiments featuring supermodels, and our friends and family have a lot of sway with our influence. With social media front and center, we are influenced daily, hourly,…

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Cereal Doesn’t Always Live in A Bowl

Eating cereal conjures images of a spoon and bowl. At least that’s what pops into my head when I here the word, but cereal can make so many other far-from-mundane edible items that will surely put a smile on any child’s face! Between 3% and 6% of kids spend 20 hours a week or more…

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Facebook Buy Buttons: Fab or Fad

Written by Shannon Stubbs If you are a small business owner, you know the struggle of keeping people engaged and on your site. After all, if people aren’t there, you aren’t selling things. Facebook joined forces with Shopify to allow you to make purchases directly from your newsfeed. Instead of leaving Facebook to make purchases…

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Stop Words: What are They and Why are They important?

Written by Andrew Eaton Stop words are function words and an integral part of sentence and phrase structure. Although there is no “absolute” list of stop words, they consist of words like; the, it, is, and, as well as, and so on. Stop words are typically ignored by computers while reading the data because they…

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Paribus Revolutionizes How Consumers Shop and Save

Walmart’s Savings Catcher gives consumers a way to price compare without having to do any work. You simply shop and scan a receipt into the Savings Catcher app. Walmart then searches other stores in the area for sales and gives money back to the consumer. It’s a no-brainer and a great way to create loyal…

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End of 2015 for Shopper Marketers

Written by Aly Howard and Rachel Majors Can you believe it? 2015 is three-fourths of the way through. We know, we’re just as shocked at the realization as you are. Going into the final months of the year marks a great time for reflecting on what has happened and preparing for what’s to come. We…

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What Marketers Need to Realize About Consumer Electronics Shoppers

Written by Jamie Smith  How many of us remember buying our first electronics? I sure do. Although at 14, I have to admit that my choice of boom box (yes it was called that) was more about price and how cool I thought it looked. As I matured, I knew to ask the sales clerk…

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Bricks and Clicks: Future of Grocery

Written by Kayla Domeyer Nielsen recently released a 2015 report titled “The Future of Grocery”. In the report, Nielsen reveals data collected across the globe that details grocery shopper’s current habits, future desires and how stores might make the best consumer experience they can. The report focuses heavily on e-commerce and brick-and-mortar interests. Data reveals…

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Good Eats: Food Paired with Social

Written by Sam Freeze Everyone loves food. It drives economies, fails diets, and even inspires television channels devoted entirely to mouth-watering delights. We consume food content paired with Gordon Ramsay meltdowns, silky radio advertisements, and more and more through our social media newsfeeds. Here’s some reasons why food content works so well with social media.…

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