Haters Gonna Hate, Hate, Hate Even if There is Never A Facebook Dislike Button

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook users request a “dislike” button on a regular basis.  He quickly noted, however, that the company would never consider making one because it wouldn’t make the world around us any better. I agree. Haters and trolls abound online without popular platforms encouraging negativity. Social media should inspire conversation and serve…

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How to Market Better to Midlifers

Written by Patricia A. Patton I am that older blogger you may have seen at social or entrepreneurial gatherings who continues to find joy in life, innovation, entrepreneurship, social media and creativity. I am often asked, “What brings you here?” I usually answer with some version of the following: “I am an early adapter, entrepreneur,…

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Google Authorship: Dead Before Its Time

Well that turned out to be a big disappointment, didn’t it?  I’ve written quite a few things about this. I’ve even dedicated a chapter to it in the Social Fabric University SEO course! Now, Google unceremoniously kills a pretty cool concept. John Mueller announced the death via Google+ here. The idea of Google Authorship was…

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Are You Ready For Generation Z?

Generation Z is made up of social savvy teens and preteens who spend 7+ hours a day using electronics. They switch between devices about 27 times per hour and 8 out of 10 of them are on at least one social network. These are the consumers of tomorrow, and they readily accept change and innovation.…

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The Future Is Location-Based Content Marketing

There’s no doubt we are drowning in content. It fills our inboxes and a specific search can lead us all into an abyss of content as one piece leads to more and more interesting topics. And even if we escape, retargeting is at every turn, tempting us to fall down the content rabbit hole once…

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Working with Non-Mommy Bloggers

Written by Amy Fulcher While many mothers started their blogging careers by simply keeping an online diary, their influence could not be ignored. Brands came calling. Professional personal blogging became a legitimate career and a new boom of work for home career women was created. According to Girlpower Marketing, 52% of all women online are…

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Diversity with Bloggers & Brands: Part 1

Written by Ericka Chatman Part One of a Two-Part Series The world of blogging has changed drastically, and a lot of bloggers who first started off sharing stories about their day-to-day life are now making a living blogging. Some of these bloggers have turned their blogs into lucrative businesses and only work directly with big…

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Diversity with Bloggers & Brands: Part 2

Written by Janeane Davis  Part Two of a Two Part Series. Read Part one here.  Diversity matters and leads to increased profitability. Brands who want to increase profits should work with bloggers and should look for diversity in the bloggers they hire. Brands should hire diverse bloggers not because it is politically correct and not…

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The Auto Industry’s Missed Opportunity: Female Consumers

Holly Pavlika, SVP Strategy at Collective Bias, takes on the auto industry in her interview with Jody Devere, an automotive expert and the Patty of “Ask Patty.”  Seventy-five percent of moms believe they are the sole decision maker when it comes to automotive purchases, so it’s clearly important for car makers to take steps toward…

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Get Creative With Your Millennial Grocery Shopper

Like most shopping methods, Millennials are moving away from the habits of their parents and opting for a wide range of choices when deciding where to buy groceries. Straying from traditional grocery chains, they are spending their dollars at specialty, club, mass retailer and convenience stores, according to Barkely. How then are marketers to reach…

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