Holiday Madness

True Holiday Madness Has Started–$650 Billion in Projected Spending. ‘Tis the season to feel the pressure to get out and start your holiday shopping. My inbox is already brimming with holiday emails. The stores have already decked their halls and presented numerous holiday offers. I have bought one present for my Secret Santa. And as…

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4 Essential Mobile App Must Haves for Peak Black Friday Results

Written by Jason Francis  While the store discount their remaining Halloween candy the shelves are getting a seasonal make over. Jack O’Lanterns and ghosts are getting replaced with Turkeys and Harvest displays. The Holiday season is here. For many of us that puts Thanksgiving in our sights with Christmas coming up right behind it. That…

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The Power of Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just for day dreaming anymore. Users, especially Millennial Moms, are utilizing the platform along the entire purchase funnel-from looking to planning, all the way to purchasing. Holly Pavlika, SVP Social Strategy at Collective Bias, dives into the power of Pinterest in an interview with Bob Gilbreath, president of Ahalogy, a leading Pinterest marketing…

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The Rise of Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are on the rise as marketers, brands, and retailers alike explore unique ways to integrate social into their marketing mix. Early adapters have customized interactive videos to fit their specific brands. Nike, Walmart, and Target have begun beta testing videos utilizing Fuisz, a Santa Monica-based tech company that creates interactive videos available on…

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Gone Viral

Visual Storytelling Success: Essential Principles of Social Media

Once upon a time, in an internet far, far away, Facebook ruled the Kingdom of Social Media, but more visually friendly platforms are challenging the mighty King Zuckerberg’s rule. Although Mark’s vast army of followers is still much stronger than rivaling and more picturesque sites like Instagram and Pinterest, those up-and-coming platforms still have some…

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Day of the Dead

Written by Adriana Martin Day of the dead is a legendary tradition from Mexico and it is celebrated on November 2. This tradition started hundreds of years ago when the Aztecs were used to give tribute to the goddess Mictecacihuatl, Queen of Mictlan or Lady of the Dead. The role of this goddess was to watch…

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‘Tis the Season for Shopper Social Media

Don’t be a Scrooge this year – the marketing heroes of the holiday season this year will be the ones with social campaigns in place well before December rolls around. In fact, by November, 83% of Twitter users will have made their first holiday purchase. From wish list ideas to planning for family gatherings, consumers…

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Viral or Evergreen Content?

Personally, I don’t like the “V” word, Viral. Whenever a client uttered the words, “We want something that will go viral,” I would cringe. There is plenty of thought on what makes a piece of content go viral, but truth be told, very little goes viral. Jeff Bullas recently wrote a post about a post…

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Digital and Social Media May Really Be Killing the Print Industry

Recently, someone knocked on my door around 7:30 at night. Living in a neighborhood more polite than friendly, I assumed the knock came from either a marketer or an evangelist. I found a representative from the local newspaper. A former journalism major, I used to read the newspaper religiously and subscribed to multiple magazines for…

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Marketing to Single Men

Are You Marketing to Single Men Properly?

Written by Jason Francis You Leave A Lot of Money on the Floor By Not Marketing to Single Young Men For years we’ve been told that the focus of marketing needs to solely geared towards women. They are viewed as the decision makers when it comes to the family shopping and, generally speaking, the average woman…

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