Millennials at the Market

This article by Collective Bias CEO, Bill Sussman, originally appeared on Progressive Grocer. Millennials have overtaken Baby Boomers in terms of population numbers and hold an incredible $1.3 trillion-plus in annual spending power. Any grocer wanting to stay ahead of the curve has made substantial shifts in their promotions, product choices and more to fit…

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7 Benefits of Working With Influencers

Let’s start by defining what an influencer is exactly.. An influencer has a loud voice, substantial reach and a significant network; including followers, readers, or viewers. An influencer has the ability to sway opinions of a specific audience by association. Knowing what an influencer is and what benefits an influencer and brand relationship can reap…

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To Reach The Digital Hispanic Today, You Need A Variety of Content and Voices

This article by ColectivaLatina Business Development Director, Erin Conrad, originally appeared on MediaPost. It surprises me how often clients believe that marketing strategies to reach the Hispanic consumer should be exclusively in Spanish or distributed on Spanish-language media outlets. They seem to be unaware that more than 60% of growth in the Hispanic market comes…

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Keys to Communicating Transparently with Ingredient-Conscious Consumers

This article by Collective Bias CEO, Bill Sussman, originally appeared on Progressive Grocer. Today’s consumers are savvier and more connected than ever before. This has created an instantaneous desire for information on everything — from how our online data is being used to what goes into the products we eat every day. A 2014 poll…

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Ragnar Relay: Instagram Case Study

**Collective Bias is not affiliated or associated with Ragnar Relay in any way.** Brands can learn a lot from the photo challenge hosted by Ragnar Relay (@ragnarrelay), a race company based in Utah. Ragnar has successfully engaged with its community of runners on social media, especially Instagram. Its 30-Day Ragnar Training challenge, which was held…

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What Moms Really Want For Mother’s Day

This article by Collective Bias SVP of Marketing and Content, Holly Pavlika, originally appeared on MediaPost. Chocolates, flowers, restaurant dinners and spa certificates will be handed out to the tune of $22+ billion this Mother’s Day. That’s right: $22 billion with an average of $172+ being spent individually on each mom, according to the National…

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The Great Debate: Celebrity or Non-Celebrity Influencers?

This post originally appeared on the LinkedIn page of Collective Bias SVP, Marketing and Content, Holly Pavlika. This question comes up every day: is it better to work with one celebrity influencer or multiple non-celebrity influencers? Several studies have shown that audiences trust non-celeb content over celeb, and that middle-tier influencers garner more engagement. The…

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What Wins the Race When it Comes to Influencing In-Store Purchases?

This post also appeared on the LinkedIn page of Collective Bias CEO, Bill Sussman. As a consumer in this day and age, it’s more difficult to find trustworthy information to help with purchase decisions. Don’t get me wrong – it’s available, but just overwhelming to navigate. At Collective Bias, we wanted to understand how consumers’…

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Are You Ready to Build An Advocacy Program?

This article by Collective Bias SVP of Marketing and Content, Holly Pavlika, originally appeared on Cox Media. Sometimes, I’m what you would call an advocate. Other times, I can fit in the influencer bucket. It is important to start by distinguishing between the two. An advocate is someone who is loyal to your brand and…

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Is Your Brand Staying Authentic?

We hear the word “authenticity” all the time – in headlines, on social media and especially on blogs. But what does brand authenticity truly mean? Is it just a buzzword for marketers? Brand authenticity is remaining true to the ideals, values and integrity of your company, while still promoting content across the digital landscape in…

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