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Test Marketing Campaigns with Paid Social Media

Written by Heather Buen  Are you trying to gain the attention of a company or brand on social media? Would you like to create a working relationship that involves paid advertising or services? Would you like to transition from just a blogger or content developer to a marketing partner? You can do all of this…

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5 IFTTT Recipes to Increase Productivity

Written by Tanya Salcido  If you’ve found yourself forgetting to check off tasks, spending too much time organizing a spreadsheet or not sharing your latest WordPress post, it’s time to automate your daily work process. Handy online services, such as IFTTT (If This Then That), can help you work smarter and make you a productive…

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Why Brands Should Utilize “Dad Bloggers”

Written by Dan Anderson If you watched the Big Game, it was hard to miss the emphasis on dads in this year’s commercials. Dove Men+Care, Toyota, and Nissan were the standout examples of how brands are increasingly targeting fathers. Why the shift? When the economy took a downturn, the number of men staying at home…

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Social Media is Redefining Loyalty [Whitepaper]

Brand loyalty has dropped for the third year in a row, as reported in a study by Deloitte. Loyalty is what brands strive for – customers who continue to buy your brand again and again. So why is this type of loyalty slipping and how can brands retrieve what they once had? Consumers are busy.…

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Twitter Parties: Behind-the-Scenes

Twitter Parties are a really fun way to have a conversation online and win cool prizes. There are a lot of companies and online influencers that run these parties in a lot of different ways.  At Collective Bias, we consider our SoFabChats party participants a part of our social community and strive to provide both…

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Is Your Content Designed To Be Social?

With the massive amounts of content being created every minute and the changes in algorithms, it’s increasingly harder to get the engagement one used to get in the early days of social.  That is unless you have spectacular content. I happen to think influencers are particularly genius at this. They look at what they create…

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Snap Judgement: Snapchat Discover

Snapchat isn’t just for embarrassing selfies and leaked nudes anymore. With their launch of the new Discover component, users can access sponsored posts in a new and interactive way. For those unfamiliar with Snapchat, it is a photo messaging app that has become wildly popular, particularly amongst millennials. Features allow users to send images and…

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Would You Rather Use a Network or Connect with a Community?

Influencer marketing companies abound. Some simply serve banner ads to blog sites while others allow you to rent a blogger or manage blogger content in a self-service model. According to Oxford Dictionaries, a community is “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” Run by influencers for…

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The Cause For Cause Marketing

In the past 8 months have you poured a bucket of ice water over your head? Or maybe you watched a video of someone dumping ice water on themselves (or an unsuspecting friend)? Thought so. Cause marketing is a tool that is widely used to raise awareness for a cause, while typically creating a connection…

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What Brings Shopping App-iness To Today’s Moms?

Smartphones are today’s personal assistant for people of every demographic, especially moms. With a to-do list miles long and minimal time to cross tasks off, moms are constantly on the search for phone apps that will save them time and money. To gain insight into which apps moms are consistently going to, Holly Pavlika polled…

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