Why Advertisers Should Target Hispanic Millennials

Written by Tanya Salcido  It’s no wonder advertising agencies are creating campaigns designed for Hispanic Millennials — the census projects this year that Millennials will surpass Baby Boomers as the largest living generation. This generation continues to grow and thrive as young immigrants expand their roots in the U.S. Navigate both worlds For advertisers, it’s…

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Benchmarks for Great Social Content

In nearly every conversation that has ever happened regarding internet metrics, the conversation invariably turns to one single question: Are my numbers “good?” We may be talking about a Social Media Manager attempting to explain why they have 500,000 Facebook Fans, when a competitor has 1 million, or a blogger questioning whether 100 shares and…

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10 Reasons Influencers Are Great For Promoting Your Product

You’ve got a great product but a limited budget. The competition is steep, but your product is competitively priced. You’re just outspent. Should you consider influencer marketing to promote your product? Yes! 1. Influencers are a great way to seed the market when launching new products to get early buzz. Just pick influencers that are the right brand…

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Are Your Instagram Photos Standing Out?

Written by Kait Sawyer Hanson Arguably one of the most popular social media channels, Instagram gives users the ability to tell their story visually and under any filter they so choose. That being said, are you using the channel in the most effective way possible? Use these 3 steps to make your Instagram feed stand…

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The Weekly Bias: Google’s Mobile Search, Twitter’s DM’s and FB’s News Feed

Perhaps the biggest news for the week is that a Full House spinoff is definitely happening. If that doesn’t interest you, then here are a few topics that may. We’d love to know what you found important in the social news in the comments below. Google boosts ranks of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search With…

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The Multicultural Diversity of Motherhood

Several predictions have been made that whites will no longer be the majority in the U.S. by 2043. However, EthniFacts research based on factors such as mixed-race families shows that the tides changed back in August 2014. American families are becoming increasingly interethnic which means culture is more fluid than ever before. What does this…

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Have a SoFab Mother’s Day!

I’ll never forget my first Mother’s Day! My daughter was 5 months old, so she was too young to make me something, but it was a terrific day filled with family fun that I won’t forget! As my daughter got older and two more daughters joined the family, I have gotten some beautiful hand made…

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Is Your Blog Ready for Google’s Mobile Mandate?

Written by Erika Sevigny  On April 21st, 2015, Google will roll out one of their largest, most impactful algorithm updates targeting mobile search results. The update is designed to favor sites that have taken the time, money and effort to create an impeccable mobile experience for users and reward them with preferential organic search rankings…

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The Weekly Bias: Time-saving Updates and Creepy Ad Targeting

Keeping up with all the social and digital news is like keeping up with the Kardashians…you can’t. Well, the latter is definitely easier if you’re an avid fan. This series won’t be as entertaining, but it’ll definitely give you a few topics to discuss at dinner to sound smart. We’d love to know what you…

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Search on Steroids: Use Google Alerts to Tighten Your Brand

Written by Jacqueline Wolven  As a blogger, you need all the tools you can get to stay ahead and one of the strongest (yet, oldest) tools is Google Alerts. They give you the power to stay aware of the brands you are working with, the brands you are targeting, your own name, your kids, and…

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