Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

Over 30 million Pins throughout Pinterest recently became buyable. Now that consumers can purchase products within Pinterest, should retailers jump on the bandwagon? The highly addictive platform is often the first stop for consumers researching purchases. The convenience of tapping the blue ‘Buy It’ button marries the shopping and buying process, allowing browsers to buy…

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The Weekly Bias: Best Practices for Brands on Twitter

Written by Rachel Majors  Take a break from thinking about Kanye for President in 2020 to catch up on your social media news. Let us know what you think in the comments! Instagram Adds Photo Options It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Instagram updated their app to allow full-size landscape and portrait options…

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Rise of the Halloween Shopper [Infographic]

With each year, Halloween decorations and costumes are appearing in stores earlier and earlier (and for good reason.) Around $6.9 billion will be spent by spooky shoppers this year on everything from greeting cards to costumes to party supplies. To learn when consumers do their shopping and where they get inspiration, check out the infographic below.  


Best Practices for Tumblr

Tumblr, for most marketers, is the most intimidating platform. Most brands, in fact, choose to ignore it altogether. While it is more resource-intensive from a content-creation standpoint, the community on Tumblr really rallies around good content, and shares your content more readily than many other social platforms, assuming it’s GOOD content. While Tumblr has made…

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The Weekly Bias: Instagram Simplifies Advertising and Facebook Notes Make A Comeback

Written by Rachel Majors.  There’s never a lack of social media news. Let us know what you think in the comments! Facebook Notes Are Back In Action  Facebook Notes are back. What are Facebook Notes you ask? The long form content option Facebook offered before a post could be 60,000 characters. You might remember it…

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Best Practices for Twitter

Download the PDF here Twitter is the oft-neglected powerhouse of the top social-media networks. To be fair, it is difficult to stand out in the noise of Twitter. Even people and brands who post regularly can see their best content fly through newsfeeds too fast to achieve any meaningful engagement. Many brands, unfortunately, compare the…

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The Curious Case of Donald Trump and Latinos in Social Media

Written by Vianessa Castaños The concept of ‘social media’ is fairly new, and like any new and exciting mode of communication, its primary function has been to entertain and share stories, images and news amongst friends, colleagues and even strangers. Sure we hear of ‘social media campaigns’ on behalf of brands, but it’s rare for us…

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Useful is the New Cool with Millennial Parents

Millennials are growing up: one in four is now a parent. Also, over the next decade, over 10,000 babies per day will be born to Millennial women. Jeff Fromm’s new book, Millennials With Kids – Marketing to this powerful and surprisingly different generation of parents, gives marketers insights into a generation that is flipping the…

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The Weekly Bias: Google gives up on Google+ and is looking at Twitter

Written by Rachel Majors There’s never a dull moment in social news and we’re determined to keep you updated. Here’s what’s going on this week. Let us know what you think in the comments. Facebook Is Adding Customer Service Options For Brands Facebook continues to improve customer service options for brands. Users will now be…

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Professional Growth vs. Brand Integrity

Written by Jason Francis As businesses continue to shift their attention to digital influencers as the force behind their marketing campaigns, new dilemmas arise that are unique to the social media space. Unlike in the mainstream environments of marketing like TV, radio or print, social media has a much more direct tie between what a…

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