Announcing Our New Podcast!

2015 may soon be known as the year of the podcast. The 10-year-old medium has seen a recent explosion in popularity thanks to innovative shows like Serial, The Nerdist and RadioLab. New listeners love what they hear and are hungry for more.   We’ve talked about it forever and this week we finally decided to launch…

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We Are (All) The 1 Percent?

Written by Chris Henry No small amount of hullabaloo was generated recently over the 50th anniversary of Moore’s law, and the likelihood that computer processor power may at last be close to plateauing. Venerable laws and rules have a habit of being overturned in a world of emerging technology. Similarly, the 1 percent or 90-9-1…

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Tapping the Influence of Latinos to Get ‘Mas’

Food from other countries is new and exciting; an abundance of flavors we’ve never tasted before await us. We have curious palates. America has become the home of several cultures and their foods over the years. People of all different cultures are now shopping in the “ethnic aisle” at grocery stores. Interest in Mexican and…

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The Weekly Bias: Facebook’s New News and AOL is Acquired

There was a lot of moving and shaking in the social world this week. Let us know in the comments what you found the most useful! Facebook now hosts full news articles Starting Wednesday, May 13th, Facebook began hosting full news articles in the newsfeed itself. This new service, called Instant Articles, will allow Facebook…

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Inspiring Ideas to Boost Father’s Day Sales

Father’s Day was created with a simple mission – to honor paternal bonds and the positive effect they can have on society. In the past, paternal relationships were strictly between father and son. In today’s society, the definition of family is evolving, and an increasing range of relationships are being celebrated on Father’s Day. These…

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Reach Moms Through Storytelling and Podcasts

Podcasts are growing in popularity in the United States, especially among moms. They have more things to do in less time while staying connected with the world. Serial, a growing podcast, has successfully created space for women to enter the social conversation and  create content. Podcasts are giving moms the availability to do it all…

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Plug the Visitor into Your Destination – Tapping Into Travel Bloggers

Written by Jacqueline Wolven Years ago (think when the dinosaurs roamed), travel marketing consisted of ads in magazines, visitor guides, TV commercials, rack cards and billboards. This was 10 years ago. These things are still done, because both the marketers and some of the visitors are of an age bracket where they are used to…

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Collective Bias Turns Six!

Today Collective Bias is celebrating our 6 year anniversary! What began as a small idea with a few employees has grown to over 100+ employees and an almost 4,000 person community of influencers. Without the support of our excellent team it would never have been this big. We are also grateful to our clients and customers who…

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The Weekly Bias: Google+ copies Pinterest and FB gets a little less shady

April showers bring May flowers…and new updates to many of your favorite social media platforms. Here’s what’s going on in the world of social. Let us know in the comments below what you found important in the headlines and bylines this week. Snapchat tries to grow ‘Discover’ feature Since Snapchat released Discover (an in-app feature…

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Should Bloggers Use Meerkat & Periscope?

Written by Heather Buen  As a blogger for the last 5 years, I’ve found we are typically at the forefront of many of the newest ways to create content for our readers. Video and Vlogging is quickly becoming an important part of the content mix for bloggers. If you haven’t started exploring video content or producing…

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