The Art of the Follow Up

Written by Jason Francis Content creation is a skill. It’s a skill that goes deeper than just writing about random things and occurrences. Content can be viewed as a seed that, depending on how much attention and care you give it, can grow and last for weeks, months and even years (or it can bloom…

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shutterstock_143808508 The New Amazon?

Shopping platforms like and club stores like Sam’s Club are making it easy for consumers to get the best price for the items they purchase every day. Just like any good idea, one comes along that’s better and there is a new kid that has joined the shopper discount race. The new kid on…

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The Weekly Bias: News Feed Overhauls & Redditors Running Wild

If you’re tired of reading about Donald Trump’s hair and Amazon’s less-than-prime day, then we’ve got you covered. Let us know what has caught your fancy this week in the comments below. Facebook’s latest News Feed change lets you pick who you see first Tired of seeing posts in your News Feed from that random…

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Does Sex Still Sell? How the Idea Has Changed (Or Not)

Written by Jamie Smith  Do you remember that Quiznos commercial about five years ago that strongly implied a sexual relationship between the oven and an employee named “Scott?” The point was to sell a new sandwich called Toast Torpedos that looked delicious but the innuendo created such a vivid image that I haven’t been able…

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Collective Bias Social Media Best Practices Pinterest Infographic

Social Media Best Practices on Pinterest

Pinterest can be a really important and valuable social network for bloggers and brands. However, the uses are so different than other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, that it can be difficult to master. In our infographic, we’ve outlined the basics that you need to know to get started and up your game on…

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Back-to-School with Millennial Moms

For most parents, back-to-school time means pulling out wallets to purchase new backpacks, school supplies, clothes and more for their kids. In fact, back-to-school sales are expected to reach about $56.3 billion this year. Targeting parents during this “time” has become a more complicated process than ever before. As some parents start their shopping well…

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The Weekly Bias: Prime Shopping & Millennials

Written by Rachel Majors The weather is hot and so is this week’s social media news! Let us know what you think in the comments. Today Is A Prime Day to Shop On Amazon Amazon Prime Day, a global shopping event, is taking place online today, July 15. Amazon is offering Prime members “more deals…

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Staying Competitive with Brands Targeting Latina Millennials

Written by Vianessa Castaños If there is anything that the media and brands are finally noticing, it’s that the US Hispanic market is on fire, and that fire won’t be burning out any time soon. With new verticals either on the way or recently launched by PopSugar, Conde Naste, Maker Studios and others, what does…

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The Importance of Quality Website Design

Written by Kayla Domeyer Put your best face forward There are so many resources targeted toward bloggers and blog design: countless clipart, site themes and generic images. With so many kits, ready-made designs and easy-to-implement themes, why should a blogger worry about the look of their site? Why does it matter if one blog looks…

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Social Media Best Practices on Facebook

There are very few things in a Social and Digital Marketing strategy as non-negotiable as Facebook.  With over 1.25 billion (with a B) active monthly users, who actively and readily engage with any number of brands and publishers and build communities around them, there is no company that can afford to ignore this important channel.…

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