Does Your Social Marketing Have Any Clout?

By Hunter Poole In today’s social media driven society, it should come as no surprise that brands are spending more and more ad dollars on campaigns driven by social media (about $6.2 billion by the end of 2013). But the real questions is, are they spending in the right way? Are they simply buying banner…

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Keys to Successful Shopper Social Media Programs

What makes a successful shopper social media campaign? We get this question a lot when it comes to our business (after, of course, answering the question “what the heck is shopper social media?”). Although there are multiple factors that come into play when it comes to successful campaigns, from product type to timing, there are…

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Marketing to the Male Consumer in 2015

Written by Jason Francis As businesses continue to open up to the value of the single male’s dollars, it creates the need for new ways to engage men beyond the usual ways we would be presented material. I’ve always been a fan of showcasing how a brand works within the life of the consumer. The…

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How People Loved to Hate the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up

Written by Bob Loos and Brent Snyder Intro: The Boy We Love to Hate If people didn’t vote with their eyeballs during last weeks Peter Pan Live! event, they certainly voted with their tweets; the boy who wouldn’t grow up was also the boy we all loved to hate on social media by using the…

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2015 Customer Trends in Grocery

2015 is approaching fast and ch-ch-ch-change is on it’s way. ApplePay already allows iPhone users to pay for purchases with their phones.  As a local Bentonville resident, I have witnessed and tested Walmart’s new online ordering and drive-through pick-up service. Both of these innovations make the consumer’s life easier in an age where time is…

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Entice Mature Shoppers During The Holidays

By Patricia A. Patton  Each year the holiday season seems to begin earlier and earlier.  The mature shopper, especially the mature female shopper, may in fact be among the earliest holiday shoppers. But only the smart marketer will be able to get these dollars.  As lifestyle leaders who have changed the advertising world with their sheer…

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The Race for Christmas: Are Retailers Turning Consumers Off?

By: Jamie Smith  It was a couple of weeks before school started and my Instagram feed was filled with photos of store displays such as school supplies, electronics geared to students and of course, back-to-school clothes. Oh, and Christmas decorations. Wait, what? Christmas decorations?!? Yes, it wasn’t even Labor Day yet and retailers were already…

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‘Tis The Season For Gift Giving

There are 61 days during the November/December holiday shopping period. That’s 61 days full of coupon overload, longer store hours, and discount madness. All in order to make sure that Mom has time to pick out the sweater for Uncle Mark, toy sailboat for Little Jim and the Frozen doll for Sara. When you’ve got…

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To our Social Fabric Community… Thank you!

 We have so many blessings at Collective Bias! We have an amazing team of dedicated and passionate employees who make every day an honor to work among. We have a company culture where we care about each other and our clients. And to top it off, we get to work with some of the best brands in…

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Holiday Madness

True Holiday Madness Has Started–$650 Billion in Projected Spending. ‘Tis the season to feel the pressure to get out and start your holiday shopping. My inbox is already brimming with holiday emails. The stores have already decked their halls and presented numerous holiday offers. I have bought one present for my Secret Santa. And as…

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