Analytics we Provide our Clients:

  • Share of Voice: We measure the total online conversation about your brands, compared to total online conversation about competitor brands.  We track growth in this metric over time, showing how likely a customer is to see your brand, when involved in online conversations about your industry.
  • Conversation Tracking: We track your total online conversation over time and identify key topic trends in the conversation.
  • Impressions:  We can track the number of impressions generated via Social Media and on our Blog Posts.
  • SEO Analysis:  We determine the baseline SEO metrics prior to our campaign, identify the best opportunities to gain in Search Engine rankings, evaluate competitor practices, and tailor our campaign to gain SEO rankings against key competitors.

We will work with your digital team to provide the following metrics:

  • Path to Purchase (P2P) Tracking:  Identify CB-sourced content and track the reader through to checkout.
  • Conversion Tracking:  Track the number of sign-ups, subscriptions, purchases, etc., that were referred to the site by CB content or activity.
  • Coupon Tracking: We can track coupon downloads and redemptions
  • Track P2P from digital influence to in-store purchasing decision: We can work with POS development teams to create a socially aware tracking system that allows in-store purchases to be tied to social activity – works best with a pre-existing loyalty program, or a robust CRM system.

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