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Forbes Names Collective Bias One of

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Collective Bias wins Gold Effie for Coca-Cola Campaign

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What Is Shopper Social Media?

Collective Bias® is a publisher of high-quality, user-generated content that drives sales for brands and retailers.

CB has run over 500+ campaigns for brands and retailers creating over 700,000 pieces of content, generating over 2.8 billion impressions in 2014 alone; these campaigns influence natural search results to help drive measurable sales focused on category growth, new product launches, in-store demos and seasonal events.

We reach hard-to-reach affinity groups like Latinas or Millennials. We drive traffic via inspiring real life product stories promoting new items. We amplify demos to spike sales outside the 4-6 hour demo period. We make new store openings incredibly successful. And we do all this by using social media to solve shopper marketing problems.

CB harnesses the power of social content through our community of geographically and demographically diverse social influencers who have micro audiences centered on specific affinities and passions. They have incredible reach and their content generates high levels of engagement with value-conscious shoppers; this content gets deployed across all social channels and initiates two-way conversations directly with customers to influence purchase decisions.

This is shopper social media and CB is the only one who does it.

The Leadership Team

Bill Sussman

Amy Callahan

Chief Client Officer

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Amy Callahan

Ali Mirian

SVP, Product

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Ali Mirian

Holly Pavlika

SVP, Brand Strategy

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Holly Pavlika

Ed Riendeau

SVP, Infrastructure

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Ed Riendeau

Dan Vanchieri

SVP, Chief Revenue Officer

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Dan Vanchieri


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Collective Bias has helped my brands reach the right audience, with relevant and engaging content, at the right time! I have run several campaigns with them-all with great success.

— Carolyne Krug — Shopper Marketing — Dr Pepper Snapple Group —

What We Measure

Real-Time Engagement Metrics

When you run a program with Collective Bias, you have access to our real-time dashboard to get rich engagement metrics at your fingertips, so you can track any piece of content our community creates for you.

We track Total Media Value (TMV), earned vs. paid, organic social shares and true blog analytics, by measuring the value of each piece of content and engagement.

While most companies just provide visits or blogger self-reported numbers, our technology tracks actual page views, reach and social actions taken across multiple dimensions, along with organic search reputation lift in concert with social queues and content.

Highly Targeted By Geography, Influencer Type & Store Affinity

Our platform allows advertisers the flexibility of targeting campaigns by influencer type, geography and by their favorite retailer. We can enlist Millennial influencers for one store, moms at a different store and send members of our Latino community to another. Targeting is nothing without scale, and Collective Bias delivers both.

Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

per impression / engagement basis



based on geography, affinity, demographics or a combination



of powerful, authentic, branded content that can be leveraged across the marketing mix



through all social media platforms



Performance of other marketing spends (programs, demos, tabs and merchandising)



Advanced analytics: Engagement, Social Monitoring, Search Rank and Real-Time Social Dashboard



Collaborate with an existing SEO strategy to organically improve search rank

Speed to Market

Speed To Market

2-4 week turnaround from commitment to execution

We reached out to Collective Bias to support the social aspect of our launch of a recent foot care item at Target. Blogs were completely original, engaging, informative, creative & drove purchase of the item at Target! Overall the brand team was ecstatic with the results and the product launch has become a best in class example that includes social influence!

— Courtney Wolf - Sr. Account Executive — IN Marketing Services —

Why Collective Bias


Forbes Most Promising Companies

We believe we are the only company that brings together both shopper marketing expertise and social media via the power of influencers to solve shopper marketing challenges at a specific retailer. The organic content and authentic voice of our influencer community is the kind of content today’s shoppers seek out and believe–content that educates, informs and impacts consumer decisions at point of purchase.

We’re not a place to come to if you’re looking to rent-a-blogger. We have spent years cultivating, nurturing relationships with our community of influencers.

They weren’t chosen just based on the size of their audiences. We chose them for their passion for brands, their ability to tell compelling stories and their relationships with their audiences–all important components of leveraging influencer content and engagement. We train, mentor and monitor the content they produce to help ensure not only the influencer’s success, but the overall campaign success.

In a rush? We can activate a campaign within 2-4 weeks using our state-of-the-art, patent-pending process to identify, enlist and manage these dedicated social influencers.

We are the only company that offers both a general market influencer community and a growing Latina community run by Latinas who understand the impact culture has on reaching the Hispanic population.

Our influencers cut across every important demographic, geography and lifestyle and can be deployed to deliver results at specific retailers or multiple retailers within any campaign–with or without that retailer’s approval.

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Best Buy
Coca Cola
Con Agra Foods
Gallo Winery
Elizabeth Arden
Johnson Family
Johson & Johnson
Mariano's Fresh Market
Mars Inc.
P & G
Sam's Club
T Mobile

Thrilled to have a partner like Collective Bias who can take our brand’s objectives and drive results through creative, effective solutions for our Walmart customers in a way that is relevant and meaningful.

— Amanda Whittaker— Sr. Shopper Marketing Manager — Coca Cola, Walmart Team —

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CB provides value in a space that is both creative and relevant while targeting our shoppers at the right time with the right messaging. The reporting is the best I have seen in the social space and we have shared the great results across our entire shopper and sales organization.

— Gia Cyrier, Shopper Marketing Manager, CVS Team — Kimberly-Clark —


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